Advanced Holdem Tips – How To All-In And Win Every Time

Going all-in or making a huge bet can be scary but its a great way to win more chips. This advanced Holdem tips article will tell you how to do this.

Advanced Holdem Tips All-In Rule #1

The first rule of always winning with an all-in is you have to know if you can or not, and if you can’t you have to fold. Too many people try to force a nice win with a big bet when they really shouldn’t have.

Putting yourself at risk like this is very dangerous. Sure, some of the time the opponents will fold and you will win anyway but if you are going to win every time you have to know when you can’t win and be willing to actually fold your cards. This is the first rule because it’s the one that gets the most people.

Advanced Holdem Tips All-In Rule #2

The second important factor to deciding if you should all-in or not is how your opponent is playing. Answer this critical question “is your opponents play this hand consistent with his normal play?”

If it is great, you’re read should be pretty good. If it’s not, we’ll then think twice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t all-in it just means think about it. If you have the nuts then sure, do it. If you don’t but you think you are better than him, make sure you’re read is actually a good one.

Advanced Holdem Tips All-In Rule #3

The third great rule to all-inning successfully is to assess whether or not your opponent can actually afford to call you. That is, not just his stack size but his whole game at a whole.

For example, a loose aggressive player who needs a big stack to buffer his ups and downs won’t want to play shortchanged. Calling a big all-in and risking being on a super-small stack would mean his preferred style was down the drain. This opponent probably couldn’t ‘afford’ to call.

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