Advanced Holdem Tips – Demystifying Holdem Tells

Discover lucrative advanced Holdem tips which you can incorporate into your game this instance to explode your stack and bankroll.

Texas Holdem is a fabulous game. It is so entertaining to watch and play and its depth is seemingly endless. I have been fascinated by this game for years on end – for as long as I can remember – and with as much as I know about now Holdem poker there is still so much more to learn.holdem poker

After you have been playing Hold Em poker for a while and have gotten over the begginner hump – learning all the Holdem rules, Holdem hands etc – naturally you start searching for more advanced Holdem tips.

Today I’m going to detour from the normal Holdem strategy talk and discuss some advanced poker tips.

Advanced Holdem Tips On Holdem Tells

There are two main types of tells in Holdem poker. They are involuntary and voluntary.

Involuntary tells are unconcious physical tells that can give you an indication as to what hand your opponent has. Some are more noticeable than others. Every time you play Holdem you should be looking for these. Facial expressions, movement of eyes, finger/hand/wrist movements and changing of seating position and posture are all examples of these kind of tells.

The other more overt tells are that which are voluntary. This are often clouded with a lot more mystery. Your opponents may try to pull one of the oldest Hold Em tricks and do a purposeful tell to hopefully make you do what they want. This often works on reverse psychology – so if they have a weak hand they will fake a tell that they have a strong hand, and vice versa. Most often anything to do with talking/speech is some sort of voluntary tell.

Holdem Poker Players Are Either Faking Or Not

The bottom line is that when people are playing, no matter what Holdem strategies they are implementing, they are either aware of their tells and are controlling and faking them, or, they have no idea.

Generally newer Holdem players aren’t to concerned with their tells and are just working playing good, solid No limit Holdem. They would much rather focus on their cards, chips, bets etc because they will get the most reward back for their efforts.

On the other hand, experienced Holdem players who already have a few advanced Holdem tips under their belt and are comfortable with the Holdem poker strategy they are implementing will in fact spend a little more time being obvious with how they act in the effort to change how you are playing to suit themselves.

In Holdem, The Bets Are The Biggest Tells

Most Holdem strategies depict a certain time of betting regime, or something similar. Stock standard ones say ‘this card, this position, bet this’ etc. A more advanced Holdem poker strategy will allow for a little more flexibility.

Players will often give away the strength of their cards pre-flop with their bet. Tight players usually raise the same amount with stronger hole cards and less with weaker hole cards. Loose players seem to be the opposite – when they have weaker pockets they raise more.

advanced poker tips It also matters which types of chips an opponent bets with. If they bet say, $500 with five $100 chips this will mean a different thing than if they use one $500 chip, or say twenty $25 chips (for an extreme example). Subconciously the bigger chips have more worth and so a player will be less likely to use them. So when they use them this means they have a good hand.

On the other hand, the smaller chips are more ‘expendable’ (to your brain) and so if players bet with these this probably means they have a worser hand and are just giving it a go. All this goes out the window when a player has so little chips he is just using anything he can to make up the bet.

A Truly Texan Holdem Tell

Another age old tell is when a player bets out of turn. They will make a large raise before it’s their turn. Of course, because of Holdem rules this isn’t allowed and their bet needs to wait. But at this point the player’s who’s turn it was will think ‘he’s going to raise me’ so they won’t play if they don’t have solid cards. Take this advanced Holdem tips advice, usually in this situation the player who bet out of turn is actually bluffing.

Learning all the poker tells can be hard, and on top of that a tell might only change your decision 1 in 20 hands. You should be playing off a strong foundation to start with. If you want to super-charge your learning curve and attain real success in poker faster then check out this great course I recommend.

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