Advanced Holdem Tips – How To Shake Off A Bad Beat

It is important to shake off a bad beat as fast as possible so it doesn’t affect your game. These advanced Holdem tips will help you do that.

Advanced Holdem Tips – Negative Effects Of A Bad Beat

Taking a bad beat can sometimes be the worst thing that happens to you. It can even be worse then losing a large amount of chips or being targeted or bullied.

The psychological effects of a bad beat can be so disastrous that your whole game is ruined. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you actually lose on that hand the after effects can make you lose ten times more.

Advanced Holdem Tips – Easiest And Quickest Way To Shake It Off

The easiest and quickest way to shake off a bad beat is to pretend it never happened. This can be a difficult thing to do but it actually works.

When you think about the bad beat you re-experience it over and over. Getting madder and madder. This isn’t good. If you immediately move on mentally and emotionally it loses all it’s negative impact.

Advanced Holdem Tips – One More Little Trick To Help You

A simple little trick to do this is pretend that you are the other person and he is you. So you just lucked out and won a hand and the other guy got really lucky.

When you do this you will immediately feel good. You feel better because it’s nice to get lucky and win out over someone else. This feeling is a more preferable feeling to your brain so you will automatically want to feel this way over feeling lousy.

By doing this you immediately push positive feelings through you body and your mind and body will respond. You will feel better instantly and won’t even start to go on a tilt a little!

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