Advanced NL Texas Holdem Tips – How To Isolate A Player And Win

With these advanced NL Texas Holdem tips you will know how to isolate a player and beat him with superior position. Read this article now to discover how.

Say for example you are in the cutoff or later position. You bet out, maybe performing a blind steal or even just betting.

Then the small blind calls your bet. And the big blind re-raises.

Now, your natural tendency might be to re-raise. I always advocate the benefits of aggression so sure, you could re-raise.

But, it might be better to look at this situation more carefully to see if you can get the best outcome for yourself.

If you bet out you will be increasing the size of the pot. That means that the small blind is now going to get more of a return for his call. Similarly, the big blind has committed so it is worth his money to call as well.

But if you just called the big blind, the small blind would be getting less of a return for his call. Depending on the specific odds, but generally, it would be just under what he would actually require to get correct odds.

Depending on the player and if he in fact played to pot odds 100%, he might fold.

So in this case by calling you actually increased you chances of winning over re-raising.

This however takes a little bit of pot odd calculation which can be difficult, especially in the moment. That’s why it’s often a good rule of thumb to raise.

You might find that by raising the small blind would fold. It’s hard to quantify this as well because you don’t know what cards he had.

Calling to minimize pot size is an effective of manipulating pot odds to attempt to isolate players. In this example we were trying to isolate the big blind.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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