Advanced Poker Strategies – How To Perform A Steal The Right Way

One of the commonly used advanced poker strategies has to be the steal. Though very common it also is very effective.

So what exactly do we mean by steal? Well, a steal is basically a false show of strength.

It is like a bluff or a raise that is employed with a weak hand in the first round of betting in order to make your opponents apprehensive and ultimately fold their superior hands as they are made to think that you are in a stronger position.

If the game you’re playing uses antes, it will be called an ante steal and if the game uses blinds then it will be referred to as a blind steal.

The idea is to put your below average hands to good use by bluffing the other players and hoping that they might not have a hand which might be worth calling the raise. This means that you will end up winning the antes or the blinds without much of a problem.

It is ideal at the later stages when most competitors have folded or when the game is short handed. It surely is a favorite in tournaments where the starting pots are pretty huge.

They don’t really aim at winning you big games but they can help you accumulate quite some profit over a period of time.

Another requirement is that the player to your left should be a bit apprehensive and not challenge too many of your steals. Experienced players might read the ploy which can spell doom for you.

A counter for steal also comes as a steal known as a re-steal. It can help you pick up the original stealer’s chips along with the blinds and antes and also reduces his frequency of stealing as that reduces your chances of stealing.

Utilising steals, and other advanced poker strategies is an effective way to increase your overall profits. Always remember that you need to continue to learn more of these advanced strategies in order to be successful over the long term.

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