Advanced Texas Holdem – 3 Tips On Voluntary Holdem Tells

Have you ever thought about how another advanced Texas Holdem player could do a fake-tell to trick you? Read this now to find out how.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tell #1: Voluntary

The first most important thing to know is about voluntary tells. This is when a player purposely does or forces a tell. They hope you will pick up on it, think it’s involuntary so they can trick you. You can use reverse psychology to double it back on them. I.e. If they do a voluntary tell that they have good cards you know they in fact have bad cards and are faking the good cards.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tell #2: Speech

People love to talk trash at the poker table – it’s one of my pet hates. Actually I wrote about being consciences and polite at the poker table once as it’s important to me. Players will talk up their hands, talk down their hands, try to intimidate, let on, trick – whatever. Speech is almost always a voluntary tell.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tell #3: Betting Out Of Turn

If someone bets out of turn this is a massive voluntary tell. Usually they will place a big bet before they can and the dealer will put their chips back and tell them off. But this scares the table to think they are going to bet big especially the player whose turn it was. Players often bet out of turn when they don’t have very good cards or didn’t hit to try to have a stronger continuation bet or blind steal etc.

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