Advanced Texas Holdem – Advanced Tips For Ultimate Success

Are you looking for a little more advanced Texas Holdem tips and ideas to really take your game to the next level? Well you’ll love these.

Whether you are playing internet Texas Holdem or at a land-based casino, you need advanced Texas Holdem tips to support you in your success. For starters, I have to assume you already know how to play Texas Hold Em poker, and you are ready to learn some great advanced Texas Holdem tips and ideas.

Advanced Texas Holdem Area #1

- Pre-Flop StrategyAdvanced Texas Holdem

To get the one up on Holdem you really need to know all of the hands like clockwork.

Having a keen understanding of all of the different Texas Hold Em Poker hands is crucial to successfully implementing an advanced Texas Hold Em strategy. You really need to fully grasp these pre-flop components:

  1. The cards you get (almost less important than)
  2. The cards your opponents get (of course you are guessing from their bets), and
  3. Your table position (almost most important)

You can use advanced Texas holdem tactics like moving in from late position if everyone checks around. Another would be isolating an opponent by betting enough to make the pot odds for everyone not worth playing. Most of the work is done pre-flop and if you want to become an advanced Texas Holdem poker player I would suggest really working on this area. Check out this article with more Advanced Holdem Tips regarding Holdem tells and how to read players.

Advanced Texas Holdem Area #2

- Post-Flop Strategy

Most of your post-flop Texas Holdem poker strategy is to just not screw up.

We’ll build on the most critical basic Holdem tips. If you don’t flop what your looking for, don’t keep searching! After the flop you’ve seen five of your whole seven cards. Your chances are slim to pull what you need later on. I wouldn’t rely on Holdem strategies that rely on chasing cards. That being said, let these advanced Texas Holdem idea’s wet your pallette with post flop tips:

  1. If no one raises post flop you can use a continuation bet to steal
  2. When the flop has a pair on it the chances of anyone hitting is less than if the flop is three different cards
  3. A player with unpaired hole cards will make a pair on the flop 1 in 3 times, say 35%
  4. Multiway pots, i.e. more than one player, are much harder to win – try to isolate people into heads up
  5. Most of the control flows down the right of the table. Acting last is always best

You’ll need to combine all the info you got pre-flop to craft your post-flop strategy. Really advanced Texas Holdem players have a good idea of what cards people have and ‘guestimate’ how well they did from the flop. I.e. If a player only limped in pre-flop they might have 10-10 or 10-9 (too weak to play hard but too good to fold). If the flop came 10-9-4 all the blokes with A-K and K-K wouldn’t really be in it would they?

Advanced Texas Holdem Area #3

- Betting Strategy

Advanced Texas Holdem You should be using an aggressive betting strategy. Hell, this isn’t advanced Texas Hold Em, this is basic! More often then not I say ‘bet three times the big blind’. Expanded on this I say ‘bet three to five times the big blind’. Because this is an advanced Texas Holdem article I’ll expand even further.

  • Advanced Texas Holdem Bets From Early Positions: Bet three times the big blind
  • Advanced Texas Holdem Bets From Middle Positions: Bet four times the big blind
  • Advanced Texas Holdem Bets From Late Positions: Bet five times the big blind
  • Advanced Texas Holdem Bets From Small Blind: Bet three times the big blind
  • Advanced Texas Holdem Bets From Big Blind: Ermm.. Don’t play the big blind

In No Limit Texas Holdem Poker I wouldn’t play the big blind unless you can isolate the small blind – then you can play from position. Only play verse anyone else, i.e. later positions, if you have extraordinary cards.

Watch out for Texas Holdem tips suggesting check-raise Texas Holdem strategies.

Even though many advanced poker pro’s, holdem champions and ‘Texas Poker Gods’ sometimes check raise, for the most part, I advise against it. If you have followed my blog or articles for sometime you’ll know this. The bottom line is this:

- When you check, there is one way you can win. By having better cards then your opponent.

- When you raise, there are two ways you can win. The first is you have better cards then you opponent. The second is that your opponent folds.

Two ways is better than one. And trust me, over the long term this really pans out.

So unless you are so absolutely awesome at your pre-flop reading ability, and without a doubt know that your cards are better than your opponents, and that you will most likely flop a better hand then him, and that he will have a hand that’s good enough to bet but still just worse then yours so you take the pot, then I wouldn’t bother check-raising.

If you like this advanced Texas Holdem article then please post a comment below! Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or really just write anything. I’d love to hear what you think!

Of course a little advanced Texas Holdem article like this doesn’t have the capacity for me to really delve into the deep inners of every single little aspect of Holdem. If you really want a full-fledge 100% complete in-depth poker lesson then I would suggest you check out these super-advanced Texas Holdem domination secrets.

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