Why Learning The Texas Holdem Basics From Your Friends Doesn’t Work, And Is Actually Bad For You

Learning all the Texas Holdem basics from your friends, mates or first poker buddy is the poorest way of learning Holdem. Discover now a really true and correct source of information, guaranteed. Read this article now.

To be able to play Texas Poker players must first gain familiarity on its basics. Texas Holdem Basics easy to understand and learn, but the strategies may pose a bit of a challenge.

Unlike other games, Texas Poker has also been called ‘a thinking man’s game’ only because it takes skill and not just luck to win the rounds. Here are the basics of the game:

Texas Holdem Basics – How To Play Holdem

Players are dealt two face down cards called hole cards. These cards must be dealt face down. After this, the first round of betting takes place.

A burn card is discarded from the deck and three community cards are drawn. These set of cards are called the flops.

The objective of the game is to form a five card combination that beats what other players may have. These five cards need to come from your hole cards combines with the shared cards.

Texas Holdem Basics – Betting, Community Cards and More

Betting the done by using blind buttons. One player will post the big blind while of the big blind amount.

Once flops are drawn, another betting round takes place. A burn card will once again be taken from the deck and the fourth community card, called the turn is drawn.

The final round of betting then starts, one last burn card is discarded and finally, the last and fifth community card is exposed. This community card is called the river.

Texas Holdem Basics – Winner Takes All

The game ends when players compare hands and determine the winner. The highest hand takes the total of the value of the pot.

Player’s hands or five card combination are usually made from at least one hole card plus the community or shared cards.

There have been cases where the highest hand is on the board. When this happens, ties may be called and the pot, split among active players.

Now you have learned all the Texas Holdem basics the right way, the only thing left to do is get one stage ahead of your buddies and learn even more about Holdem – like how to absolutely dominate at the poker table. Take action now to learn more.

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