How to Play Texas Holdem Poker – Your Complete Guide To How To Play Holdem Poker

If you need to know how to play Texas Holdem Poker and you need to know now, and then read this article. I am going to detail you for your step by step exactly how to do this.

Texas Holdem Poker is currently the most popular form of poker. It is played all over the world, online and offline. This is due to the fact that it is extremely easy to learn and is terribly exciting. No Limit Holdem is the most lucrative and intense form of the game.

You can learn the game very quickly, in just minutes, and you are about to do this now. But I’ll give you a small warning. The game requires a great amount of skill and dedication to master if you want to be a profitable player. With that being said, here is how to play Texas Holdem Poker.

Rule Area Number 1 – The Blinds And Dealing Rules

A Texas Holdem game can be played with anywhere from 2 players up to 10 players. In the game the dealer is designated by a button on the table (the button is just a small plastic disk), and the small and big blinds are placed in a clockwise direction from that button.

The small blind is equal to half of what the big blind is. The blind amounts depend on the limit you are playing at. In Texas Holdem the blinds are put in place of antes for a very good reason. This allows the other eight players at the table the ability to simply fold their cards free of charge.

After the blinds are posted, the dealer will then successively deal cards to each person around the table in a clockwise fashion, starting with the small blind. This continues for two rounds of the table, so that each player gets two hole cards. The last card of the deal should be dealt to the player on the button.

Rule Area Number 2 – Pre Flop Rules

The pre flop action starts with the person left of the big blind and continues around the table, ending with the big blind being last. Each person can choose one of three moves. The first is to simply fold the hand for free. The second is to call the big blind value to play in the hand. The third would be to post the big blind and then add on a raise of chips.

This amount you can raise is depicted by the type of game and limit you are playing at. Action will continue until it no one else raises the bets. The dealer then retrieves all bets and the hands were folded.

Rule Area Number 3 – The Flop Rules

The next stage in the game is the flop. The dealer begins with burning a single card. This means he deals it to the discard pile. He then deals three cards face up on the table. These three cards are the flop.

Each player now uses the two cards they own together with the three on the table to form their own five-card poker hand. The next round of betting begins with the small blind and bets continue around to the player on the dealer button.

Each player again must call, raise, or fold based on their current five-card poker hand. Action continues clockwise repeatedly until all the raises have been called, or all poker hands are folded.

Rule Area Number 4 – Turn Round Rules

The dealer no burns another card face down and then deals out a single card face up. This is known as the turn. So now there are four community cards on the table. Each player can use any of these cards and the two cards they own to make their five-card poker hand.

The betting action continues exactly as the last rounds, starting with the small blind, going clockwise around to the dealer with each player having the ability to call, raise or fold.

Rule Area Number 5 – River Round Rules

Once more a burn card is dealt to the side and then the final card is dealt to the board. This card is known as the river. There are now 5 cards on the table and no more will be dealt. So every player has their best five-card poker hand.

All the action starts again with the small blind and everyone left has the option to call, raise or fold. After this betting round is completed, the showdown will take place.

Rule Area Number 6 – Showdown Rules

Now the game is coming to an end. The remaining players turn their two hole cards face up to show their final best five-card poker hand. The best hand wins the pot. The hand rankings used are the standard poker hand rankings.

The round is over and the next round will begin by moving the dealer button and the blinds one spot to the left. All the players wash, rinse and repeat and have a great time playing the next game.

Now, in this article I have provided pretty complete instructions on how to play Texas Holdem Poker. Like I said at the start, you can learn the game very quickly but it actually takes some time and effort to learn how to actually make money from it. If you want to actually win I urge you to continue on and learn more.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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