Discover 5 Secrets To Texas Hold Em Hand Rankings Of Pre Flop Hands Plus How To Play Cards That Win

The Texas Hold Em hand rankings of pre-flop play are the most important hand rankings you will ever learn. That’s because you’ll play pre-flop more times than anything else in a game of Texas Hold Em.

Knowing specifically all the Texas Hold Em hand rankings to play pre-flop is vitally important to your success as a Hold Em Poker player.

You need to know the best cards to play, and the worst cards to play, so you can maximize wins with the best and just fold to reduce losses when you get dealt the worst.

Reality Check – You Will Most Often Get Dealt Bad Cards Pre Flop

Yes, you will generally have to fold quite a lot of hands pre-flop in order to be a successful Texas Hold Em Poker player. Please accept this and let’s get on with it.

Texas Hold Em Hand Rankings Pre Flop – Top Cards


These are the very best hole cards you can get dealt. When you get these cards a small happy face appears inside you because you know you’re in great shape this round. Make sure you don’t let this happy face get out and display to everyone what you’re holding. Keep your cool and you’ve got this.

Texas Hold Em Hand Rankings Pre Flop – Great Cards

KQ, AJ, QJ, AT,TT,A9,99,88,77

These are the good cards you’ll get dealt more often. These are great cards and can be played at almost any time. Ensure you keep good composure and skill when playing these. Remember the advice of don’t play beyond the flop without hitting a great hand.

Texas Hold Em Hand Rankings Pre Flop – Good Cards


These are good cards that you can play when you are in a much better position. These cards take a little bit of skill – they don’t really play themselves like the above Texas Hold Em pre flop hands.

You’ll definitely want to make sure you learn how to play these cards as, combined with the top and great pre flop cards, you’ll get these very regularly overall. Knowing how to win with these pre flop hands separates the OK players from the real winners.

Texas Hold Em Hand Rankings Pre Flop – Marginal Hands

Q9,J9,T9,K8,K7,T8,A5,A4,A3,A2, 98,87,76

Now we are getting into marginal hands, which aren’t very good. They can be played as long as you have a good idea of the table, opponent styles and types, you have position and stack superiority, and you know how to play these hands.

We’re venturing into looser play now which although profitable isn’t advice for new players. Stick to the top Texas Hold Em pre flop hand rankings, the great and good cards, and you’ll win a lot easier.

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