Hands To Stay Away From In Holdem – The Worst Hands

Hands To Stay Away From In Holdem 2 7 Possible HandThere are certain hands you should stay away from in almost all situations. If you play these cards you will lose so watch out. I’m going to reveal them now.

Holdem is all about hands. What hands you have and what hands your opponents have. The quality of your hole cards is imperative to your success. That’s why there are certain hands to stay away from. In Holdem, if you play these hands you will most likely lose.

Certain hands are going to hold you down. You should stay away from the following hands:


This is the worst possible hand you can get dealt in Holdem. Stay away from this at all costs. Just fold it. You have practically no chance of making anything that is good. Sure you could get really lucky and make a two pair or trips 7 but in reality these are so low it’s not worth the bet. Warning: Fold!


This is practically the same. You have a slightly better chance of making a straight but still it’s not looking good. And if you did make one someone could easily have a hand like 7-8 (prob suited cause playing middle suited connectors is ok) and you would get squashed.


This is the second worst hand you can possibly have. It is only marginally better then 2-7 and that’s because an 8 will beat a seven. But like the other one, even if you get two pair or a 8 trips it’s really not actually that strong in the grand scheme of things.


This, again, is pretty much the same. With a 3-8 you don’t even really have a chance at a straight. Like all the previous ones mentioned, these cards should be heading to folds-ville.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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