How To Learn The No Limit Hold Em Hand Rankings Quickly Without Risking Learning The Wrong Info

You need to know the correct No Limit Hold Em hand rankings if you ever expect to be a good poker player. Learn them the easy, fast way right now, with correct information guaranteed.

No Limit Hold Em is one variation of Texas Hold Em that allows players to raise an amount equal to the last raise but not above the total number of chips he owns on the table. The hand rankings determine who actually wins and who loses.

One other term for this kind of betting is ‘all-in’. If another player wishes to re- raise, the amount must not be lower the minimum raise from the previous betting round.

Let’s say for example the initial betting is $2 and someone raises this to $4 for a total of $8. The next raise or re-raiser then needs to bet a minimum of $2 for the next betting round.

No Limit Hold Em Hand Rankings:

There are a total of ten playable hands in No Limit Hold Em Poker. The below are listed starting from the best and strongest to the weakest possible one.

1. AA and KK

These hands are the best possible combination and having them can translate to beating every other hand. This follows of course that an AA can beat a KK hand.

Players often raise with this combination. Similarly, they must be wary of opponents that are normally timid and conservative but otherwise raise and even venture to re-raise. It is likely that they have this winning combination.

2. QQ JJ and AKs

Next in line are these three hands. Players may also raise but will doubtfully re-raise when challenged. Others have also considered folding if they sense that another player may have a stronger hand.

In every case, for example, basic knowledge of your opponent will prove useful. Unusual betting aggression could be read as having particularly good hands.

3. TT AK AQs AJs and KQs

Last in the ranking are these final five hands. Players who possess them may sometimes call or fold but rarely raise. It is thus advisable to be extra vigilant when getting this hand.

Players need to figure out what the opponent’s combination is; otherwise there is a big possibility of losing the round.

These are the main, best, and most played No Limit Hold Em Hand Rankings. Memorize them and make sure that you play these cards and you’ll win easily.

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