If You Don’t Know The Best Texas Hold Em Hands Then You Will Be Shark Fish Food

You need to know all of these Texas Hold Em Hands, which are better than which or else you are going to be a little squeaky bait fish in a big sea with big sharks. Read this article now.

Texas Holdem Hand Rankings are constant and are always played from the standard 52 card deck. The Best Texas Hold Em Hands are ranked in the following order: A, K, Q, J, Ten, etc. In Holdem, card rankings are important to know because they may be used as tie breaker in the event that more than one player has the same hand rank.

Every poker hand consists of the absolute best five cards out of seven available cards to the players. It may be a combination of both hole and community cards or it could also be made up of the community cards entirely. Sixth cards and suits are never used to decide ties.

Here are the card rankings in order of the Best Texas Hold Em Hands to the weakest:

  1. Straight Flush – This is the best possible hand. A strong variant for this is a Royal Hand or the unbeatable hand. This consists of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit. An ordinary straight flush is five cards in a series and in the same suit.
  2. Four of a Kind – these are cards that have the same number plus an unrelated fifth card called the kicker. Here, card ranking comes in to decide the winner when two players hold the same hand rank. A Four of a Kind Ks will always beat Qs, for example.
  3. Full House – these are cards that have two sets .One set contains two cards of the same rank while another set contains three cards also of the same rank. An example of this would be: QQQ88.
  4. Flush – a flush consists of five cards that are the same suit. When players hold the same hand and only differ in suit, a tie is recognized and the pot is split.
  5. Straight – these are five cards in order but have different suits. Card ranking determines the winner, in case players hold the same hand.
  6. Three of a Kind – these are three cards of the same number plus two unrelated aid cards or kickers. Kickers in this case are important as it is possible for players to hold the same Three of a Kind. Ex. 99956 and 99967.
  7. Two Pair – these consists of two pairs of cards that are of the same rank plus a kicker. A good example of this is JJ884. A two pair is the average winning hand in Hold Em and is one of the easiest and best Texas Hold Em hands to get.
  8. One Pair – these are Two cards or a pair, which are just two cards that are the same plus three unrelated cards. For example, QQT75 or JJK73. A higher pair defeats a lower pair but when players hold the same pair, the kickers are use to break the tie.
  9. High Card – these are poker hands with no pair or that cannot be categorized into any of the categories listed above.

Ties are always broken by studying the hands by card rank. If this is not possible or the ranks are still the same, the determinant on who wins the game are the kickers. If the tie is still not broken or if the best cards are already the ones on the board, a tie may be called and the pot split among the active players of the game. But usually, the player holding the Best Texas Hold Em Hands is the one that wins.

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