If Youre Teased At The Poker Table For Not Knowing The Texas Holdem Hand Rankings You Are A Retard

A good foundation for poker play is knowing your Texas Holdem hand rankings. Knowing what hands are available to you plus understanding how they rank against one another will greatly improve you performance as a player.

Go through the list below and study the Texas Holdem hand rankings in order. The hand that follows beats the hand that preceded it.

All The Texas Holdem Hand Rankings Revealed

No Pair – High Card

A high card is a poker hand that does not contain pairs and is identified by its highest card. Eg. ace high or king high. Ties are broken by comparing the next highest card in this combination.

One Pair

A one pair contains a pair of cards that are of the same rank plus three unrelated cards on the side. For ties, higher ranking cards always win but in the event that pairs are the same, the side card may determine the winner of the game.

Two Pair

Two pairs contain two pairs of cards that are of the same rank respectively, plus one kicker. The higher ranked pair determines the strength of the card but should players have the same combination, a kicker may be used to break the tie.


These are three cards of equal rank. The strength of this hand depends on the three card combination. The higher it is, the stronger the hand.


This hand has 5 cards in a row and with different suits. The ace plays a unique role for this hand; it may be used as a high card: AKQJT or a low card 5432A. This card is the only one that can function in the same way.


A flush is contains five cards in the same suit. Ties may be determined by the highest ranked card.

Full House

A full house has two sets of cards of equal rank. One set is a three of a kind minus the kicker while the other is a pair. Ties are broken by identifying the higher ranked card.


This hand contains four cards of the same rank plus an unrelated card. The higher the ranking, the stronger the hand.

Straight Flush

This is the second best hand or the best considering that the Royal Flush is very rare. These are cards of the same suit and in order. Ties are broken by the card ranking flushes have. This hand can be beaten by only one combination, the Royal Flush.

Royal Flush

This card is the strongest in Holdem. It contains an ace to a ten, all of the same suit.

These are all the Texas Holdem Hand rankings. Learning and being able to recall this will provide you a good foundation to be able to play quick-smart at the poker table.

To Your Luck And Skill,

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