A Brief History of Texas Hold Em – The King of Poker

This article will reveal a brief history of Texas Hold Em and share with you information all about the kind of poker.

Texas Hold Em is a popular poker game not just with the casinos in Vegas or other parts of the United States of America, but with poker lovers around the world.

In world class poker events like the WSP or WPT, Texas Hold Em ranks among the main events and continues its march among the front runners in the poker arena for nearly a century now.

The History Of Texas Hold Em – Origins

The origin of Texas HoldEm can be traced to early 1900′s when the game first arrived in Dallas, Texas during 1925. The name poker itself is derived from the German word Pochena meaning “to knock”.

With Las Vegas becoming the gambling capital of the world, the popularity of Texas HoldEm soared to greater heights and in modern times, no casino in the world can do without this poker game among its offerings.

Along with the sharp rise in popularity, Texas HoldEm has evolved into different variations and the No Limit variant has become a hot favourite among poker enthusiasts around the globe.

The History Of Texas Hold Em – Modern Times

In modern times, it is no more necessary to visit a casino to play Texas HoldEm and professionals as well as amateurs have the ability to play different levels of the game through the internet or even on a mobile telephone.

The massive growth of the internet on the global platform has further helped Texas Hold Em and today, a number of major poker tournaments are held at different cities around the world and as you would have guessed it right, Las Vegas undoubtedly is home for two of the most popular championship events.

The History Of Texas Hold Em – New Age

For the uninitiated, learning Texas Hold Em is easier than ever today. The internet has some wonderful resources which will work as an extensive tutorial on how Texas Hold Em is played, how the major tournaments are organized, who the leading players around the world are, and even ways to make money playing the game.

Poker tournaments have come a long way from its early beginnings in 1970′s when the WSP had just 8 players participating. Some 40 years later, today, these tournaments draw close to 1,000 players and Texas Hold Em has a pride of place among the tournament fixtures.

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