Do You Know These Interesting Texas Hold Em History Facts?

Did you know that poker has existed for so many years that no one can specify the exact year? But what about Texas Hold Em History? How long does that stretch back?

The first evidence of poker is back in 1829 when the English actor Joseph Crowley tells a story about how 4 people were playing with 20 cards and were laying the cards they hold.

A little later – in 1834, Jonathan Greene describes the rules of poker which was played during the time the boats and ships were floating down the Mississippi River.

Back then and still now poker has the same effect – to reward, to raise the adrenaline and to be profitable for the participants. Playing poker, although illegal in the first years after its establishment, was very popular and almost every third person was learning to how to play it.

Today there are many variations of poker, one of which is Texas Poker. The study of Texas Hold Em History shows that this game has its right beginning – 1900.

Texas poker players developed this new form of poker game and created its specific rules. In the beginning no one outside Robstown, Texas even suspected that there was a new, revolutionary poker game in the fold.

It was a local game and people were entertained while playing it. But in 1967 Texas Hold Em poker left the boundaries of Robstown by the hand offour players, which submitted it in Las Vegas.

The game soon made a big impression by one specific fact – it distinguished four bets in one hand. This was something new and very different from the familiar poker games. And very soon men appeared who started to look where they could play this innovative game.

In 1967 Texas Poker was not admitted to the major number of casinos, but only two years later, the game is a main event of the Second Annual Gambling Fraternity Convention and thus all professional players began to practice this form of poker.

So over the next two decades the interest in Texas Hold Em Poker was so increased that it really becomes a major poker game of all major tournaments. A particularly important year in Texas Hold Em History is 1988 – then the game becomes legal outside of Nevada, which inevitably lead to spread it all over the world.

People were quickly interested by this different and very interesting game, and began to find it in more casinos.

Furthermore, Texas Poker is often associated with the poker tournaments as it plays as a key event in many of the most famous tournaments, including the World Series of Poker.

A review of the Texas Hold Em History shows that because of the exact rules and intriguing style of the game, it has very intense proliferation. And it is quite understandable that it is one of the most popular poker games.

The exciting and fast past Texas Hold Em history has now provided a fruitful game for us all to enjoy. The intelligence and the quick thinking that this game requires attract more and more people to participate in it every year.

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Alex Bannon

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