How To Know Every Piece Of Holdem History Trivia Quickly Without Risking Memorizing The Wrong Info

Not a great deal is known about Texas Holdem History. While knowledge of its origins will not help your strategy at card play, knowing the game’s roots can make for some interesting trivia.

Poker has been around for centuries, some suggesting as far back as the 1900s. There are those who think that the game dates back to the Renaissance period while others suggest it goes back further back, to the time of the Persians who call it by a different name, Nas.

Finally, there are still others who believe that Texas Holdem has been introduced to our culture by the early French settlers.

Consequently, the etymology of Poker suggests a German derivative as it is akin to ‘pochen’, the German word which means, ‘to knock’. Through the years, disputes about the game’s origin have taken place but by virtue of the Texan legislation, Texas Holdem was officially born in Robston, Texas.

Holdem History Revealed

The game’s growth however from being a virtual unknown in the card game industry to becoming the most popular game today started in the late 1960s when two brothers, Jack and Benny Binion bought the rights to a poker convention from Tom Moore.

Moore had tried – unsuccessfully – to launch the Gambling Fraternity Convention for two years in a row. On the Binions’ purchase, it was renamed to World Series Poker, the same one we know today.

What started out as a marketing strategy boomed into worldwide phenomena as players came by the hundreds to join the game. The series started with only eight registrants and grew tremendously over the years.

Poker literature of all the Holdem history also lent a hand in Texas Holdem’s steady rise to fame. A book called Super / System, written and self published by Doyle Brunson featured poker strategies and rules.

Another book shortly followed, ‘The Biggest Game in Town’ by Al Alvarez. His book details the game, the convention and the lives of players that join it.

Today, these books still remain at the forefront of poker education and make up some of the most fundamental parts of Holdem’s history.

It’s important to research and learn about Texas Holdem history because understanding it provides you a good overall foundational context for playing the game.

It’s easy to get wound up in the flashy lights and emotional betting rounds but it’s also important to have an overall, grounded understanding of the game. And knowing about the history is important for that.

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