Where Did Texas Hold ‘Em Come From?

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘where did Texas Hold ‘Em come from?’ Well, in this article I reveal to you all the history and information about where this wonderful game came from.

Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular games today. But where did it come from? Was it developed in a casino, or did it even come from Texas? The facts are interesting actually…

In fact, there isn’t any real clear evidence where it actually came from at all. From what the records best describe it originated in a town called Robstown, which is in Texas. Sometime in the 1800s it became a game that was played enough differently from poker and any other game that it could have been considered its own game in its own right.

At this point in time it was definitely the illegal poker games that were held in small back rooms in locations such as pubs, pool halls, and private dwellings. It’s these very people who really started the game of Hold ‘Em so we have them to thank for breaking the law for their passion.

But the game didn’t become really popular until even past the mid 1900s. In the late 60s a group of card playing enthusiasts, with a real love for this new style of poker really pushed the introduction of it into Vegas, the budding casino city.

From then on is history. Slowly but surely the game gained popularity and momentum. Soon it would be the number one most popular game around, but not before jumping a few more hurdles.

After 1967 when the game started to get speed in Vegas, it slowly but surely proliferated out; across America, to Europe and beyond. Around the 1980′s when the game really crossed over to Europe and received acceptance from the poker community over there. All of a sudden it was a hit over the world.

Indeed the game came from Robstown, Texas, in the heart of America but now the game is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s popularity, combined with new media such as the Internet and mobile phones, means that it remains as the number one front-runner to continue to stay the most common worldwide poker game.

At the start of this article you were asking yourself the question ‘where did Texas Hold ‘Em come from?’. Now you know exactly. Before you continue on to learn more, take a second to thank those first players who loved the game so much they played it illegally in back alleys way back in the 1800′s.

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