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Whether you are new to Holdem or have been playing regular poker a good background on the rules will certainly help you learn Texas Hold Em poker.

Holdem is a game that makes use of a 52 deck of cards and excludes the joker. It may also be played between two players, making it a head to head game, or may be played with a full table of eleven people.

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This game starts with what is called ‘posting the blinds’. Blinds are bets which are made prior to giving the hole cards. These are posted by two players to the dealer’s left.

The small blind is posted by the one sitting directly to the dealer’s left while the big blind is posted by the one next to the small blind.

Once the blinds have been posted, the dealer proceeds to give players their individual hole cards. Holdem’s objective is to use these cards in combination to the five community cards to form a strong poker hand that beats everyone else’s.

A betting round follows the hole cards which then takes us to a burn card discarded and three community cards being dealt. These cards are called the flops.

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After the flops are exposed, another round of betting occurs. A burn card is exposed and a fourth community card is dealt. This card is called the turn. This sequence is again repeated – betting round – burn card – community card. The fifth card is called ‘the river’.

To simplify:

  1. The game starts with player posting blinds.
  2. Hole cards are dealt to all players.
  3. First betting round.
  4. Burn card.
  5. First three community cards are dealt – the flops
  6. 2nd betting round
  7. Burn card.
  8. Fourth community card – the turn
  9. 3rd and final betting round.
  10. Burn card
  11. Final and fifth community card – the river
  12. Showdown

The game ends with a showdown where players compare hands to determine the winner or the pot’s claimant.

These are the basics and should be all you need to have learned Texas Hold Em Poker. If you are still a little unsure as to how to play either reread this article or continue on to find out more info.

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