If You Learn Texas Hold Em Poker As You Go At The Poker Table You Will Suck At Poker

Texas Hold Em Poker has rules that are easy to follow. Learn Texas Hold Em Poker, the rules and how to play today and join the thousands who have already enjoyed this new and fast rising game.

No matter who you are, whether you were just introduced to Holdem, are only now learning it, or have already read some information about it, I know that you like me will get a lot out of this article. That’s why I am so excited to share it with you. The truth is, learning Holdem is easy as long as you do it the right way. And I’m going to reveal that to right now.

Holdem starts when the two players to the dealer’s left post the blinds. Blinds are bets prior to the hole cards being dealt. The person to the dealer’s left posts the small blind while the one next to him posts the big blind. Small blinds are always half of the amount of the big blinds.

Once the blinds are posted, the dealer gives each player their hole or individual cards that must be faced down. These cards help make up the hand which may help players win the pot later on. Once the player’s hole cards are at hand, the first betting round begins.

After the betting round, a burn card is discarded from the deck and three community cards are dealt face up and on the table. These cards are called ‘the flops’. After this, the sequence pretty much remains the same.

Here’s a short recap to further cement your learning of Texas Hold Em Poker:

  1. Two players post the blinds. The dealer’s immediate left posts the small blind while the one beside the small blind posts the big blind.
  2. Hole cards are dealt.
  3. The first round of betting begins.
  4. A burn card is discarded to prevent cheating.
  5. Three community cards are dealt – these are called flops.
  6. The second round of betting takes place.
  7. Another burn card is taken from the deck.
  8. The fourth community card is drawn – the turn.
  9. A third and last betting starts.
  10. A burn card is again excluded from the game.
  11. A fifth and final community card is dealt – the river.
  12. A showdown of player’s hands to determine the winner caps or ends the game.

Now, these are all the basic rules and should be a good start for you to learn Texas Hold Em Poker. If you need more info just continue on to learn even more.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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