Why Learning Every Holdem Ranking At The Poker Table Doesn’t Work And How To Really Memorize Them

Poker hands maybe ranked into several separate groups, known as the Holdem ranking. The list below enumerates the variations from the most powerful combination to the least powerful one.

Why Learning Every Holdem Ranking At The Poker Table Doesn’t Work

Trying to learn on the fly when you are playing poker is one of the worst ways to learn. That’s like learning the rules of football literally as you are playing your first game. Or learning mathematics in your first pop quiz. It’s hardly going to be effective.

Trying to pick up and figure out each winning Holdem ranking whilst you are actually playing is an uphill battle. Not only are you trying to deal with the cards, the rules, the betting, your opponents, and all of the other million things that are going on but you are trying to learn as well.

A much more effective way is to take 10 or 15 mins, read an article like this, and repetitively memorize the hand rankings to the point that you know them in a second. This will reduce your stress at the poker table and you’ll never again have to wonder who is going to win.

3 Easy Steps How To Really Memorize The Holdem Rankings

  • Read through the Holdem rankings until you know them off by heart and can recite them in order without referring to reference material.
  • Get a pack of cards. Fish through the pack and pick out the cards you want. Place them together to make up all the hands. Make sure you make every combination at least once.
  • Now start dealing the cards out in fives. Put them together in bunches then identify which ranking they are. Repeat this until you can do it in under five seconds.

A player who doesn’t know all the Holdem rankings and the rules of the game may be setting himself up to fail. Without a good knowledge of the workable poker hands that can be used at showdown you won’t be able to tactically play to make the best hands.

Knowing the various poker hands available, as well as how they rank against other poker hands is already a good strategy in itself. A player educated on this may plan ahead and recognize the poker hands and Holdem rankings so he can form his strategy and thus bet accordingly.

When you learn and practice to do this quickly you become an exponentially more powerful poker player. Great poker players have built from the basics and mastered the skills and abilities required to become a successful poker player.

This includes knowing all the basic Holdem rankings, plus more advanced things like table position and poker odds. If you want this kind of achievement too you’ll have to learn more about poker. So please continue on to learn more now.

To Your Luck And Skill,

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