If Your Such A Stupid Poker Player You Dont Know Who Wins Learn The Texas Holdem Ranking Of Hands

Apart from basic rules, knowing the Texas Holdem Ranking of Hands is a necessity to playing the game. Below is the list of hands so read this article now.

Knowing all of the hand rankings off by heart is vitally important if you want to become a star poker player. You need to know these and their orders so that you can quickly and easily determine who has won at the showdown.

You also need to know these so you can reverse engineer your opponents hands. The way you can beat them more easily.

Starting with the unbeatable Royal Flush down to the negligible High Card, the Texas Holdem ranking of hands is as follows:

Texas Holdem – The Completed Ranking Of Hands

The Royal Flush is the strongest combination and it consists basically of the A – 10 cards in the same suit. Veteran players agree than getting this hand, even once, is extremely lucky.

The Straight Flush is another strong card combination. It contains cards that are in order and in the same suit. A Royal Flush is a Straight Flush card, in essence.

The next in line is what’s called a Four of a Kind. These are four cards with the same rank with an extra card called kicker.

After Four of a Kind is the Full House which are three cards that are of the same rank and with a pair that also has the same rank.

The flush then ranks after full houses. It contains five cards in the same suit. In a tie where players hold flushes, the cards are ranked individually. If they both have the same rank, the pot is split.

A Straight ranks below a flush. These are five cards in a sequence that don’t come in the same suit.

Three of a Kinds have three cards of the same rank, with two unrelated cards on the side. They are quite a good hand to have.

A Two Pair has two pairs of cards of equal rank, with a 5th kicker card. A One Pair has two cards of the same rank with three cards on the side. Lastly, High Cards are card combinations that cannot be placed in any of the categories as listed above.

In Texas Holdem, as in any other card game, two or more players may have same ranking hands. If this happens, card ranking is used to break the tie or kicker if pair or flushes are still the same.

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