How to Win at Texas Hold Em – Keep Your Tells Under Control

If you want to know how to win at Texas Hold Em it is vital you know how to keep your tells under control. Discover the easiest ways of doing this right now by reading this article now.

There are many things you’ll need to do if you ever want to figure out how to win at Hold Em. The funny thing is, no matter how good a player you are if you do not keep you tells under control you will be giving away everything you do and you will never be able to win.

I’m going to give you a detailed scrub down of all the major tells you need to keep under control.

How to Win at Texas Hold Em – Keep Your Facial Tells Under Control

You need to maintain your poker face. Keep your facial movement to a minimum. If you are moving your eyes around too much consider getting glasses. Also make sure to reduce your eye brow movements.

How to Win at Texas Hold Em – Keep Your Stack Tells Under Control

If you are playing with your chips you are giving away information. Don’t fiddle with your chips and be very wise about the chips you use to bet with. Don’t push in too fast or too slow and remember that how you stack your chips – whether in clean stacks or an untidy mess – gives away what type of player you are.

How to Win at Texas Hold Em – Keep Your Body Language Tells Under Control

Your body language is the biggest tell you will let off. Sitting forward or back, crossing your arms or having them open, leaning on this or having your body relaxed or tight – these are all tell-tale giveaways to your mood and how you are playing. Of all the body language tells, your shoulders are the biggest and will tell you opponent exactly what you are thinking.

How to Win at Texas Hold Em – Keep Your Vocal Tells Under Control

Whether or not you are talking at the table is a tell. If you are, you voice pitch and tone, any slander or slurring will give away how you are feeling. Talking too much or suddenly change how much you are talking can be a giveaway of nervousness. It’s usually just a lot easier not to talk and definitely do not talk any rubbish.

This article has given you a pretty good rundown of the many tells you can give-away at the poker table. Make sure that you aren’t letting eff any of these tells when you are playing poker to ensure your opponents aren’t getting vital information on the cards you are holding.

To Your Luck And Skill,

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