4 Revolutionary NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lessons Revealed

If you are sick and tired of not making any money playing Texas Hold Em Poker, read this revolutionary NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker lesson right now.

NL No Limit Texas Holdem Lesson

I started to play Texas Hold Em Poker a few years ago. Originally I would play Texas Hold Em against my mates and I actually would often make money. I didn’t go through the period of massive losses. That was, until, I started to play Texas Hold Em Poker online and in the real world.

I went from being a confident, profitable Texas Holdem Poker player to a repeat loser. My Texas Hold Em kitty just went down and down and down until it was depleted. I couldn’t figure it out, I didn’t know why I was losing so much. That’s when I learnt these oh-so-important NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lessons.

NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lesson #1

The first thing I learnt was that I was just a one-trick wonder. That was, I knew how to win one and only one way. If this way didn’t work, I had nothing else.

This was ok as long as my opponents were vulnerable to my one trick. If I ever went up against anyone that played different or was good enough to change their style, I lost.

NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lesson #2

The next thing I learnt was that my basics were just piss-poor. I had a vague idea of starting hands, probability, pot odds, position, aggression, bluffing, you name it, but I really never learnt enough to master these skills.

Once I started really focusing on learning probabilities, learning pot odds, playing the best cards, using positional advantages to win, and really utilizing these skills my Texas Hold Em Poker game really started to improve.

NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lesson #3

Another thing I found out was that you need multiple strategies depending on who, where and what you are playing. You need different strategies if you are playing a Texas Hold Em Poker tournament or a cash game, different tactics if you’re in a casino or you play Texas Hold Em Poker online, and different play styles against tight, loose, newbie and pro opponents. If I didn’t change how I played depending on these factors my results weren’t consistent.

NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Lesson #4

The most important thing I learnt was that after I had the first three things down, I needed to move from the physical world to the intangible world. That is, I needed to start using mindset techniques, psychological strategies, utilize reputation and image, and a host of other ‘invisible war tactics’ in order to win. Playing pure probability wasn’t going to cut it, I needed to get ahead with secret mind-bending techniques. After I learnt this NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker lesson that’s when my game really exploded to the next level.

Before you continue on and learn even more Texas Hold Em Poker tips from this site, think about where you are at with your own game and what your going to master next. Imagine getting the basics sorted out, really mastering your game, and then moving on to really shine as a poker player. Realize that you can become a very profitable poker player if you keep in touch with me and continue to learn more powerful NL No Limit Texas Holdem Poker lessons.

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To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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