Holdem Lesson – A Quick Lesson On Post-Flop Play

Read this for a quick Holdem lesson in post-flop gameplay. Post-flop tactics are crucial to overall success in Texas Holdem.

Read this for a quick Holdem lesson in pre-flop gameplay. What you do pre-flop is probably the most important part of Texas Holdem.

Post Flop Holdem Lesson #1 – Odds, Odds, Odds

Post-flop play is all about odds. Playing after the flop is different to pre-flop. Once you have seen the flop you know where you stand and have to make your plan to win.

The best way to become good post-flop is to learn odds. You need to understand things like

  • the probability of your or someone else hitting
  • the probability of what the flop will be
  • the probability of making a better hand post flop

For example. If you have two different cards pre-flop than you have about a 1 in 3 chance of making a pair on the flop. And if the flop comes and there is a pair on the board the chances of anyone hitting are a lot lower than if there are three different cards.

Post Flop Holdem Lesson #2 – First Rule Of Holdem

The number one rule in Holdem that almost every single person will ever tell you is this: Don’t play post-flop if you didn’t hit!

Once the flop has come you have seen 5 of the total 7 cards you will get. If you haven’t got a decent hand by now your chances are slim of actually making a good hand. It’s a fair enough assumption that at least one person betting post-flop actually hit a hand.

Post-flop play is very important in your overall Holdem game. This quick Holdem lesson covered the main areas of post-flop play.

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