Holdem Poker Lesson – How To Come Back And Win From Behind

If you get angry when you take a bad beat and have a small stack read this Holdem Poker lesson on how to come back from behind and win the gold.

This Holdem Poker lesson is going to explain how you can come back and win even if you have a small stack. Whoever you are, whether you are often on a small stack or just think you need to learn about this area more, I know that you, like me, will feel much more confident playing from a short stack after you have read this article.

Holdem Poker Lesson On Coming Back From Behind – Tip #1

The first thing you have to do when you are on a small stack is pull your head in and not play too many pots. You have to choose your battles very wisely and make sure you only play with the best possible cards and situation you can. This is because the play you make will pretty much be all or nothing, so you want to have the best chances of actually winning.

Holdem Poker Lesson On Coming Back From Behind – Tip #2

After you wait patiently to get some goods cards, you’ll need to carefully assess who is playing this pot. Hopefully you have position on your side and if you don’t it really is a punt, but if no one, or the right players to target are in the pot then definitely play. However if a strong player makes a play or a tight player bets in big think twice.

Holdem Poker Lesson On Coming Back From Behind – Tip #3

Another thing to do is watch the blinds carefully. Depending on how short your stack is the blind may be such a hit that you are practically forced to play. If this is the case and you get a relatively good hand before just go for that. There is nothing worse than getting the absolute worst hand in the blinds and having to all-in with it.

Before you continue and learn another Holdem Poker lesson and new Holdem Poker tips, think about how much better you will be able to play with a short stack by using the tips revealed in this article. Imagine how more confident you will feel the next time you are unexpectedly on a short stack. Realize how helpful these tips have been for you and how much you have learned.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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