3 Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Against Loose Players – How To Defend Yourself

These 3 tips for Texas Hold ‘em against loose players will teach you how to defend yourself. Putting up the defenses will make your game impenetrable.

3 Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Against Loose Players – Tighten Up Slightly

You can’t beat a loose player playing loose. It just doesn’t work. It gets messy and you have to seriously be on your game. The stress and anxiety isn’t worth it. Avoid the fuss and tighten up a bit. So when you are in you know you’re doing well and don’t have to worry about him.

If he continues in late game to the river and showdown start considering him as maybe having something. Don’t be fooled into thinking he hit big just because he bets post flop. If you be more aggressive post flop you can weed out when he is bluffing.

Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Against Loose Players – Come Over The Top Of Him

If you come over the top of a loose player pre-flop he will stop and think what to do. His goal is to pick up the pots nice and easy and may not want to contend with someone who actually has a good hand. If he has the feeling you are playing a tighter game them him (you will be) he might not play. Though, some loose players will come over you again because they are obsessed with table control.

When it starts getting post flop and the he hasn’t hit, he won’t be stupid enough to stick around if you are still betting aggressively. If everyone checks/limps he might try to steal the pot with a continuation bet. If you have something solid and keep steaming ahead it won’t be long until you just steamroll over him.

Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Against Loose Players – Be A Blind Defender

When playing Texas Hold ‘Em against loose players you need to establish yourself as a blind defender early on. This is especially true for tournaments. You need to let them know you aren’t out for the picking. Loose players love to eat blinds for breakfast and will steal their meal from anyone who will let them.

If you make it clear you’re not going to be taken advantage of he will get the idea. You might have to loosen up a bit from your normal game but don’t worry about 1 hand out of 8. The benefits of making your statement will save you money. Send him the message and come over the top of him if he tries to steal your blind.

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