Texas Holdem Poker – Every Time You Move Up Stakes You Lose

Texas Holdem Poker - Stakes In PokerAre you finding that ever time you move up stakes you lose in Texas Holdem Poker? I was once experiencing this until I learn the answer.

It happens to almost every poker player. They are playing Texas Holdem fine, then they move up stakes and start losing all of a sudden. Time and time again the question is asked ‘How come every time I move up stakes I lose?’

The answer is because the higher the stakes the better the players. Well ok, you know that now, but what can you do to remedy the station.

7 Easy Steps To Stop Losing When You Move Up Stakes In Poker

  1. Don’t go too fast. If you try to move up stakes too fast you will surely lose.
  2. Don’t go too slow. Failing to move up stakes when required will mean you are missing out on valuable cash.
  3. Manager you bankroll. You need to ensure it is big enough to handle the ups and downs.
  4. Move when ready. You should be crushing your current stakes before you move up.
  5. Maintain confidence. When you move up make sure you maintain the confidence that you are a good player. Don’t get worried thinking ‘Man these guys are so good they will beat me’. They aren’t actually that good it’s all in your head.
  6. Know when to quit. If you are losing money just move back down the stakes to win some more cash, then keep trying.
  7. Smash the barrier. Maintain learning, reading books, practicing etc so you are in fact getting better.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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