2 Texas Hold Em Mistakes You Won’t Even Know You’re Doing

Removing critical Texas Hold Em mistakes from your game immediately improves you chances of winning because you are a better player. Read this article now to discover how.

Ever done something and not even realized that you were doing it. We’ve all had it happen to us on one occasion or another.

In our lives, we often make mistakes because we don’t know any better. The solution to this is education. When you learn about Texas Hold Em mistakes you are insuring yourself from losing money without even knowing why.

Texas Hold Em Mistakes #1

You probably don’t even know it yet, but you could be losing pots because you are inadvertently creating the wrong pot odds to manipulate your opponents.

Sometimes a player on a draw needs the pot to be big enough to call, and you bet out aggressively and make it large enough, so he enters. If you had of bet smaller he would have folded.

Likewise, sometimes a player won’t call if you bet out so much, but that one you don’t bet very aggressively so again it’s worth his odds to call.

Not understanding pot odds correctly can be costly because you create more competition (and less chance of winning) for yourself.

Texas Hold Em Mistakes #2

Another mistake you are probably making is playing the wrong cards from the wrong positions. Did you know that you should be playing different types of cards from the blinds, early, middle, late and cutoff positions?

If you are playing the same or similar cards from every position you are missing out of money and also exposing yourself to more losses.

Those are two Texas Hold Em mistakes that most players make because they actually no idea they were doing it. Now that you know it’s important for you to learn the information you need so that you never make these again.

You’ll start to make more money because of it.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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