Common Mistakes In Poker – 3 Of The Worst Common Pre-Flop Mistakes

There are many common mistakes in poker that you can make at any time in the game. Read this article to learn the worst to make pre-flop.

Common Mistakes In Poker – Common Pre-Flop Mistake #1

The first mistake most new players make is that the limp into the pot far too often. Limping in is the most common move to make pre-flop but sadly it is the worst.

Limping in pre-flop is a very weak move. Essentially you are saying that you aren’t confident with your cards and don’t know if you are holding something strong or not – you are unsure. This broadcasts out like a beacon telling everyone else you aren’t in a strong position.

You are far better off betting out aggressively or folding your hand with style.

Common Mistakes In Poker – Common Pre-Flop Mistake #2

Another mistake a lot of players make pre-flop is that they play far too often out of the blinds and early positions. Further to this they usually do it with weak cards.

This is one of the fastest ways to go broke at the poker table. When you play out of the blinds and from early positions you are at a severe disadvantage as opposed to when you are playing from later positions.

Furthermore, the types of cards you should be playing from these early positions are very strong and premium hands only. This means when you are playing normal strength hands from these positions you are at another disadvantage.

You really need to be stacking the odds in your favor and not against you.

Common Mistakes In Poker – Common Pre-Flop Mistake #3

On the other side of the coin is this next mistake which is not maximizing profits from the cut off and later positions.

The later positions and the cut off are your primary chances to make money from the table. If you don’t take every advantage of these opportunities then it will be difficult for you to be profitable.

Make sure you are taking full advantage of your opponents when the odds are in your favor.

The common pre-flop mistakes I have shared with you today are some of the worst you can make. You need to eradicate these from your game. But what if there were other crucial mistakes you were making and you didn’t even know about them? These silent killers could be undermining your game and be the reason you are losing, or aren’t winning as much as you’d like. Imagine how empowered you will be when you discover these for yourself and remove them from your game. Well, the only way to do that is to learn them!

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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