Common Mistakes Texas Holdem Beginners Make

This article will reveal all of the most common mistakes Texas Holdem beginners make. Read it now to make sure you aren’t making one of them.

Committing mistakes in Texas Holdem can be very costly. When playing Texas Holdem, you should avoid making mistakes, while at the same time, capitalizing on the mistakes that your opponents make. Simply put, in order to win, you have to make the right decisions, and avoid making wrong ones.

Here are four of the common mistakes Texas Holdem beginners make:

Playing too many cards. This is one of the most common mistakes Texas Holdem beginners make. This means calling even with worthless hands. Before playing Texas Holdem, novice players would do well if they know how to choose good starting hands.

Putting too much value on suited hand. It is good to have a suited hand, but a suited hand does not have that much value in Texas Holdem. When valuing your cards, the two things that truly matter are the ranks of your cards and whether or not they are paired.

It is only when these two things have been met can you factor in suit. This means that having a hand of A and K of different suits is better than having a suited 10 and 4. When you are dealt with the latter, you’d want to fold pre-flop.

Wearing a telling facial expression. Your opponents will try to read your cards through your facial expression and body movements. Your facial expression can help them make decision.

Learn to have consistent facial expression when you are dealt with good cards as when you are dealt with bad cards to keep your opponents from “reading” what you have. Conversely, you should learn to study your opponents’ expressions to get a clue of their hands. Remember: capitalize on their mistakes.

Failing to keep emotions in check. Concentration is an important factor when playing a game of Texas Holdem. Don’t let your thoughts drift elsewhere while playing. And learn to keep your emotions in check, especially when you are having some bad runs.

The more you become annoyed, the more you can’t concentrate on your game, and the more you are likely to make wrong decisions. Many players lose even with good hands because of their failure to keep their emotions in check while in the game.

These are the most common mistakes Texas Holdem beginners make. Ensure you don’t make them yourself and you’ll win more cash more easily.

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