NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes – 5 Hidden Issues In Your Poker Game

It’s easy to make these NL Hold Em Poker mistakes and their cost to you in real cold hard cash can be devastating.

If you are making any of these mistakes then that is the likely probable cause of you losing money or not making as much as you would like. After you’ve read this whole article you’ll feel as if you’ve gotten a massive amount of value because you’ll have real, actionable information you can use to become a better poker player.

Hidden NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes #1

Playing with a small stack is practically suicide. Always have the biggest stack possible. If you can’t afford it, play lower stakes.

Hidden NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes #2

Don’t play haphazard poker. Have an idea of the strategy you are going to use and have some fundamental rules and guidelines that you are going to play within.

Hidden NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes #3

Don’t play a dirty game. Clean yourself up and play a squeaky clean game. Avoid punting, gambling and guesswork and play solid, strong poker.

Hidden NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes #4

Just having a go at anyone and everyone will cause you to lose more. Instead, target a few key players you know you can beat.

Hidden NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes #5

Never play in the wrong state of mind. Don’t play angry, mad, sad, after an argument or when your tired or drunk.

Now before you continue on to learn even more NL Hold Em Poker mistakes from me, think about how you are going to action the information I just shared with you in this article.

How would it feel to be such a good poker player that you could easily and consistently make money at will? Imagine how this would change your life and exactly what you would do with all the free cash.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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