NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes – Did You Screw Up Your Betting This Time?

You’re making dangerous NL Hold Em Poker mistakes right now by not betting correctly. Reduce your losses, read this article now to learn them.

Making these NL Hold Em Poker mistakes is like driving down the wrong side of the road all day. Sure, you might survive for all of about 3 seconds, then you are going to be in a head on collision and seriously injured. Don’t injure your own poker game, stop making these mistakes today.

NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes Betting Screw Up #1

The first mistake players make is they are absolute softies and simply check, call, limp in and fold to reraises far too often. This is passive play and is akin to sprinkling rat poison on your breakfast cereal each morning.

Aggressive play is crucial to real success in poker. You need to be able to bet aggressively in order to control your outcomes and success.

NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes Betting Screw Up #2

The second mistake players make is by varying their pre-flop bets too much. When you vary your pre-flop bet you give away vital information to your opponents about what cards you have.

Raising out the same amount each time will conceal the strength of your hand. When you bet 3xbb with pocket aces and 3xbb with 5-6s and 3xbb with pocket jacks you give yourself the advantage.

NL Hold Em Poker Mistakes Betting Screw Up #3

The third mistake players make is the don’t bet the correct amounts in relation to the table they are playing and the opponents they are playing. For example, is $50 a big bet?

Well, at a table where the big blind is $100 this isn’t a big bet. At a table where the big blind is $5 this is a massive bet. So, your betting needs to be in relation to the table you are playing.

Further to this, the same $50 bet pre-flop with a $10 big blind is quite a raise (5xbb) however, post-flop or post turn, where 4 players are contesting a pot that has escalated to $500, with $50 only representing 1/10th of the pot it is now no longer an aggressive bet.

So the amount you bet is vitally important and this will change depending on the table you are at and also the maturity of the game, down to the hand.

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