Texas Holdem Mistakes – 3 Post-Turn Mistakes To Avoid

Playing the turn properly is often a very overlook but vital step in succeeding at poker. Here are 3 Texas Holdem mistakes you need to watch out for.

Making critical Texas Holdem mistakes at any point of the game is probably going to make you lose. But as the game goes on an on, past the flop, past the turn, to the river and showdown, the later you make the mistake the more it will cost you because of how much you have invested in the pot.

After the flop you really can’t afford to be making mistakes.

The turn can often bring a card that changes over who has the best hand – that is why it’s called the turn. The tides of the game turn. The power turns to a new player. But more importantly, what will you do on the turn when it is your turn to act?

Texas Holdem Post-Turn Mistakes To Avoid #1

Just like any time, but continually more important, do you have a hand to stand on?

If you don’t have a solid hand by the turn you shouldn’t be playing on. If you were punting to see the turn to hit a certain card and you didn’t make it, get out. Cut your losses and fold.

Don’t play past the turn without a solid hand. Reconsider low hands like pairs, top pairs and even low two pairs because there is a high chance someone will have a better hand than you.

Run through ‘pocket pair’ scenarios for quick sobriety.

Texas Holdem Post-Turn Mistakes To Avoid #2

Check for draw cards. The turn is the most probably place someone with a straight draw or flush draw will make their fifth card and have their mega hand.

The reason for this is most of the time players don’t get through to the river to see if they’ve made it. Often they take a chance on the flop, take a look at the turn, and either hit or don’t.

You need to be on the lookout for these types of cards to make sure you don’t get completely burned.

Texas Holdem Post-Turn Mistakes To Avoid #3

Check for other scare cards. Sometimes crazy things can happen on the turn. The main thing you are looking for here is if the board paired or not.

If the board pairs that completely changes the game. Depending on what you have, it can be disaster or victory. E.g. if you had a low two pair and the board pairs over it you are pretty much dead. If though you have a two pair and one of those pairs again you now have a full house and a sure victory.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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