Texas Holdem Mistakes – 7 Of The Worst Mistakes To Ever Make

If you are making just one of these Texas Holdem mistakes you are going down the drain, quickly. Don’t miss out on discovering a potentially massive hole in your game.

No matter who you are, where you come from and how much success you have already have in Texas Hold Em, I know that you, like me, are keen to find out how to make more money with less risk by learning Texas Holdem mistakes to avoid. That’s why I know you are going to love this article.

Texas Holdem Mistakes Deadly

Talk about a deadly mistake...

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #1

Playing cards completely wrong

I know this may sound obvious to those or already know how to play Texas Hold Em but seriously, the worst thing you can do is simply play the wrong cards at the wrong time. This includes playing weak or marginal hands from early positions, taking on a blind defender without solid hole cards, or bluffing when there aren’t the cards to support your facade (checkout these common poker mistakes on buffing).

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #2

Overvaluing a pair

This essentially should fall under playing cards completely wrong but it is the worst mistake Texas Hold Em Poker players make over and over so I have seperated it. The bottom line is this; the average winning hand in a Texas Hold Em Poker game is two-pair. It is likely that in any random hand a player has two pair. When you overvalue a pair (even if it is a pair of aces) you set yourself up for some serious losses.

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #3

Playing beyond the flop with nothing

But yes, a pair is far better than diddly-squat. But players still play beyond the flop when they don’t even have anything. That’s right, no hand at all. This breaks all my Texas Hold Em rules, it amazes me. The only time this is even remotely OK is if you are chasing a straight or flush draw. But that could be just that, chasing. If you don’t hit on the turn get out.

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #4

Tightening up too much under pressure

This is more directed at those who play poker tournaments, because the time constraints make this absolute death. When you receive a tonne of pressure or take a big loss and tighten up too much, you are essentially starving yourself and will soon succumb to the blinds eating you alive. No matter what Texas Hold Em strategy you are using, be wary of this.

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #5

Getting too loose, or too fast.

Playing way to loose is a common mistake players make. It might be because when you play free Texas Hold Em you can play as loose as you want because it doesn’t matter. It’s easy to slowly but gradually slip down the slope until you are playing any cards in any position, betting a ton and wondering why you aren’t winning. Don’t get too loose. Plus, don’t loosen up too fast when you sit down at a table or else your bets won’t have the effect you desire.

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #6

Having incorrect psychology

Psychology is so important to you when you play Texas Holdem Poker. It may even be THE most important thing. Common mistakes to make here are getting angry, aggressive, or seeking revenge against a player because you took a loss, aka going on tilt. Other more insideous issues are not having the correct mindset or Texas Poker strategy yourself to be successful.

Worst Texas Holdem Mistakes #7

Not managing you bankroll properly

If there is one thing that always gets nearly all players it’s managing their bankroll. That’s because it’s one of those things that is always there no matter what your level. When you don’t manage your money properly, nothing will really happen for a while. Then you will find you can’t enter tournaments or play games you want to, or need to. All of a sudden you have spent yourself out of poker altogether.

I know that as you are reading these Texas Holdem Mistakes you are already becoming more aware of areas you aren’t performing so well in, and that learning and finding out more information and Texas Hold Em tips is really what you need to become a better poker player.

So please continue to experience the feeling of intense curiosity – the feeling that makes you want to get your hands on anything and everything that will teach you more about poker – and follow on and act on those thoughts. Because if you do you will become successful in poker. And every time you turn away and do not act to find out more you will become a worse poker player.

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To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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