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Are You Sick And Tired Of Constantly Losing All Your Cash At Poker?

Discover The Secrets To Winning Hold Em Consistently And Effortlessly Using The Foolproof Blueprint Of The Pros, Even If You Are A Complete Poker Newbie.

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this that means you are searching for answers on how to win Texas Hold Em Poker easily. You may be looking for tips and tricks so you can take a little more cash at your next game, or you may be on the lookout for a quality method of consistently winning, and whoever you are I know that you, like me, have the desire to make great money from playing poker.

And if you aren’t yet making the money you would like to playing Hold Em, it’s not your fault. You just haven’t yet found a system that works for you, or you haven’t tapped into the secrets that the pro’s use to easily dominate their competition without having to think.

I Bet You Didn’t Know That They’re Cheating

I remember back when I was very new to poker and I always lost. I was frustrated and annoyed that I kept losing money but I continued to play. I enjoyed the game and the rush. The problem was, I only ever played through guesswork and luck. I would punt – I was gambling.

If I ever won it was just because of luck, pretty much. I had a little bit of skill playing good cards and pocket pairs, but that was about it. I was playing cash games with only 5 to 10 dollars a piece but was still losing hundreds of dollars.

Back then I didn’t know that there was a secret system to profiting at poker. I would’ve loved to get my hands on these ‘cheat codes’ but I had no awareness they existed and wouldn’t have had a clue where to get them from.

But I Found The Cheat Codes Right Under My Nose

With a little effort, I figured out the system, just like anyone can if they really want to.

Now you’re looking at the No1 Casino and Gambling Expert Author on ezinearticles.com which is the No1 article directory in the world. This is a response from a reader about my Expert Author profile:

“VERY NICE! I admire your work! Thank you very much”

and another user saying:

“Just read your articles in ezine and are awesome.”

I’ve been told I should put my articles in a book and sell it:

“About your articles, You could also consider, after some years, publishing a book, and selling some of them with a hand written dedication.”

Here is more feedback from my articles:

“Overall i rate your tips 10/10 for live and online holdem. For a wide range of players that tangle with poker. Its raw knowledge very well written. 10/10 for your writting skills also”

Just the free ebook I have already sent you alone is enough to absolutely transform your game, just like it did Johns. Read what he had to say:

Hi Alex;
just got back from the poker room and i glad to say your system and
information works well. i am now applying it when playing at the poker
table and i am up money for the weekend. i will try to find people
to get the information you have provided me with as i know it
John Dixon

I congratulated John and checked he was happy for me to talk about his great success. He wrote back this…

absolutely i will be willing to tell everyone how positive the
system is. i know for certain if i never had the information i
would of lost money this weekend. feel free to add my comments to
anyone and if they would like to contact me i will be sure to let
them know how positive it is. thanks again Alex a i have allot more
confidence in the game now, i know i am in control of what i’m
doing but sometimes the cards don’t always work for me. however i
am able to keep my composure and make up for it in the next hands.
something i could not do prior to your information.
John Dixon

John now often flicks me emails about his successes, like this one here:

hello Alex;
thanks for the email clarifying the suited and unsuited
cards. I went into the 1-2 no limit for five hours, and i made a
profit of $295.00. not big, but not a bad days pay for me. this
stuff really works. i even to a bad beat but kept my composer and
sure enough several hands later i got it all back plus some extra.
prior to your material i would not have been able to keep my cool
and i would of went on tilt and lost all my stack on frustration.
thanks again, keep in touch and i will keep you posted with my
earnings from poker.
John Dixon

But It’s not just John. Here’s another recent email from a reader named Ramin

Dear Alex
G day
Thanks for ur coaching, yesterday i utilised some of ur
recommendations specially aboutbetting, and i was successful, last
night i won about 300$, which was a success for me, nobody could
predict my playing style, and strategy.

So Why Aren’t You Winning Like Everybody Else?

Like I said before it’s not your fault that you aren’t winning, you simply haven’t figured out the secret to success. And these are easy to learn and use once you know where to find them.

And I know that you want to uncover the methods of easily winning for yourself, and I can help you get similar or even better results. I can truly assist you in achieving success with poker. To do so, let me introduce you to My Power Poker Coaching Course.

My Power Poker Coaching Course is a 12 week poker training program that teaches you step by step, exactly how to make money playing poker. Training lessons will be delivered to you daily for over three months so you can practice and develop the real skills you will need to start making money playing poker.

This coaching program will teach you everything you need to know to be successful at poker. It is like a complete upgrade of your poker skills.

After you have finished the whole course you will be different.  Everything will be changed; you’ll pop out in 12 weeks a completely better player.

I can guarantee that you will be a better poker player! You will be a different poker player and you will be experiencing the game in a different way, enjoying it a lot more. You will feel heaps more in control, you’ll be more confident, you will know what you are doing, and that will really lay the foundation for you to make massive amounts of money from poker.

After you do your course you will be getting profitable and earning good chunks of money. You’ll be happier because you will be doing better and it will all start to work.

Can’t Believe It? Well, It’s True

Your Power Poker Coaching Course, is so jam-packed full of lessons that it will be near impossible for you to ever lose again after you have finished it. You will get:

  • Daily lessons, every day, for 3 MONTHS so you improve your skills in all aspects of poker, guaranteed. Each lesson specially crafted to teach you a single concept so that you can easily learn and digest the new content, which really means you will learn faster.
  • Each lesson builds on the last, so you start to build up a massive amount of knowledge so that you will start to easily dominate you competition by drawing on your awesome skills.
  • Articles, explanations, and me teaching you concepts so that you can once and for all get those hard to understand concepts locked down.
  • Drills and practice exercises to train your skills because practice makes perfect, and with my help you will be playing perfect poker in no time flat.
  • Real play drills to practice and test newly learned skills which means you will push through the barriers and really turn this education into a newly formed skill you can use in real games.
  • Dominate challenges in the last month where you play for cash and win with my help, because I want you walking away with money by the end of the lessons.
  • Videos on how to use probability softwares so you can easily fine tune your game and take it to the next level, whoever you are.

You will learn SOOO MUCH about poker. Everything in cards, playing, hands, nuts, outs, odds, probabilities, betting, all ins, bluffing, position, aggression…

And if you did my original coaching course and think this is just the same, you are wrong.

My Power Poker Coaching Course is about 4 times bigger than the original Personal Coaching.

If you liked the first course you will LOVE this one. The first one was the practice run, and this is the big momma!
It’s different because you get:

  • Double the lessons.
  • More strategies to win.
  • More interaction with me to personally help your game.
  • Video lessons.
  • Audio lessons.
  • More advanced lessons in the last month.
  • More development and growth.

Not only that, but you get a massive amount of bonuses.

Here’s The Massive Bonuses I’m Throwing In

4 Full Length Relaxation Programs

These special ‘relaxation programming’ audios are where I talk to you to put you in a state of relaxation, and then make suggestions that keep you focussed on your game, and improve your game.

EVERYONE LOVES THEM. I have so many emails of people who wrote just to say they loved my first one, like these:

“I am liking the relaxation and card excercises”

“The relaxation is good for me, as I am under some extra stress now.”

“I think that the program is pretty cool. I had a hard time at first when I had to picture my journal, but at the end when the count of 5 comes I feel like my head is totally clear.”

Well I’m going to give you 4 of these! I have made new ones on memory, concentration, maths skills, you name it!

Plus You Get My Brand New Full Length Psychology Course Extra

I’ve created a BRAND NEW FULL LENGTH AUDIO COURSE called Personal Poker Psychology – Accelerated Mindset Course

This is hours and hours of my BEST stuff on psychological tricks I have learned that explode your success instantly. This stuff is so powerful that it works within minutes. I’ve filled it with information and exercises, so you actually get to work on your biggest problems straight away.

I will sell this course by itself in the future for at least $67 or $97 just by itself – it’s hours of amazing wisdom.

And More Special Bonuses To Make Winning A Breeze

I’ve also made a jam packed package of reference sheets and cheat sheets so you can cheat your way to success ONLINE:

I have made up 4 of my Special Poker Position Cheat Sheets, that just tell you exactly what cards to play. I’ve done Assertive, Loose, Tight, Short Handed…

I’ve also made Preflop Chances Probabilities, Post Flop Probabilities cheat sheets

And my cool little report: Secrets Of The Online Pro’s – The Hacks That Practically Force You To Win

Plus my ‘Poker Rolodex’ where I reveal all my best resources, places to go, peoples to talk to etc of where to get all the best poker knowledge (and how and where to find online fish)

What’s Included In This Course Is Ridiculous

If you are at all interested in getting 3 FULL MONTHS of coaching from me, covering practically everything there is is about poker, and want massive bonuses like my new psychology course, and you want it at a DISCOUNT, I strongly suggest you take this opportunity right now.

But I’m sure you might have some questions, so before you purchase my coaching course today make sure it’s right for you.

Is This Coaching Right For Me?

Are you frustrated that you constantly lose money at the poker table, and you aren’t a successful poker player yet? If so, the skills and strategies you will learn in your coaching will move you towards profiting at every game you play, guaranteed.

Are you having difficulty finding the information you need to be successful? Your coaching course will have the exact information you need to know to easily win.

Does it bother you that you aren’t a very good poker player, and you are wasting your time trying to play and you never win? If this is happening to you then you must stop your cycle of failure and take a step in the right direction. Your coaching course will do that for you.

Do you get irritated that you often lose at Holdem, and it’s costing you money each time you play the game? If so, how much are you losing at Holdem, and can you really afford not to take up your guaranteed coaching course?

How would it feel if you could sit down at any poker table, with any players, and clean up easily and confidently? If you like the sounds of this then get your coaching course today.

What would it be like if you always played the correct cards at the correct time? You will feel this after learning the secrets revealed in the first week!

What would it feel like if your bankroll size and cash winnings were depicted solely by you and you alone? If this interests you then you know you have no other option but to take a step forward and secure this invaluable information for yourself.

Imagine having the certainty and confidence that when you start playing a poker game you know you will win. How would it feel to be able to do this? If that interests you then this course is for you.

Think about what your life would be like when you have completely learned and understand how to play poker like a true pro. That’s how you’ll feel by the end of this transformational 3 month coaching course.

Currently My Power Poker Coaching Course Is Cheap

Although I probably could charge hundreds of dollars for this coaching program right now for a limited time I am offering it at a massive discount.


Well, I want to make it accessible to everyone. I’ve realized that the players who are losing money playing poker don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, but it’s these players who need it the most.

So I’ve decided for now to bridge the gap and make it available to everyone for extremely cheap. Don’t miss out because I might stop this at anytime.

Plus I’m Giving You A 100% Risk Free Guarantee

To make sure you have no reservations about the quality of this course I am offering a 100% risk free money back guarantee with this course.

If for any reason at the end of the course you think you have not got your moneys worth, you are a not a better poker player and you didn’t like what you learned then simply email me and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

How To Purchase

To buy my Power Poker Coaching Course and guarantee your success in poker simply hit the Pay Now button below the Price Tag where it says Power Poker Coaching Course Full 3 Month Course. You will be taken to the paypal buy page where you can pay with a Paypal Account or you can easily pay with your credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card.

$299, $199, $99, $69,


P.S. When was the last time you blew $49 at a poker table? Pretty recently I bet.

P.P.S Did I mention the stacks of bonuses I have added to this course – my Personal Poker Psychology – Accelerated Mindset Course, 4 Relaxation Programming Audios, 4 Poker Position Cheat Sheets, My Personal Winning Tournament Strategy and Foolproof Betting Tactics…