Discover The Official Texas Holdem Rules Of Some Weird Situations That Can Occur In Holdem

Here are some official Texas Holdem rules that you need to know. The confusion with these comes from that these rules are sometimes rules in other card games… but not in Texas Holdem

Official Texas Holdem Rules – Are Flushes Decided By Suits Or 6th Cards?

In the Texas Holdem rules if two players have a flush of the same strength, they split the pot. Flushes are not decided by suits.

The common suit order in other card games is Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs, although this changes within other games as well, with Spades sometimes being the top.

The point is, in the official Texas Holdem Rules, card suits have no impact on overall hand strength.

Likewise, in the official Texas Holdem rules your hand is your best possible 5 card hand combination. If two players have the same hand combination than they both win and it is a split pot.

6th cards are never used as a tie breaker for any hands, especially flushes.

Official Texas Holdem Rules For All-Ins And Side Pots – The Truth Revealed

There is often a lot of confusion as to the official Texas Holdem rules of all-ins and side pots. What happens when you want to call an all-in but don’t have enough chips?

Well, you can call the all-in, and you claim that pot as a proportion of the original all-in up to the amount of chips you have. That gets pulled of the side and is ‘your’ side pot. Then, the leftovers of that all-in are left in original pot.

In fact, you having not enough chips to call the all-in means you have the side pot and the original pot is all of that plus the extra that you couldn’t afford. Other players have the opportunity to play for all of it – the normal pot and ‘your’ side pot.

Now, at the showdown, as per the official Texas Holdem rules, everyone shows their cards. If you are the total winner, you win ‘your’ side pot and the players that were attempting at the full pot will be judged, and the best hand between them personal will win that portion. Remember you weren’t allowed to play for that part because you didn’t have enough chips.

The common misconception is this. The official Texas Holdem rules say if a player who was going for the full pot has a better hand than you, he wins everything. That’s right, you are up against everyone even though you are only playing for a portion of the pot (‘your’ side pot).

Sucks to have a small stack, right?

The Official Texas Holdem Rules Of Shared Cards – Yes, You Can Both Win

Sometimes, in rare situations, the five community cards on the board end up being the best give card combination for the players still in the hand. Sometimes you will notice this (it’ll be pretty obvious) and other times you won’t.

In this case, what happens is the official Texas Holdem rules are that the players will share the pot because they both have exactly the same hand. So, you really want to avoid this. The only way to win this type of hand is to have your opponents fold before the showdown.

If you notice your best hand becomes what is on the board that may be a sign you need to punch hard and bet big.

But, beware someone else isn’t or could be holding a better kicker or some other small card to improve the boards hand.

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