If You Have No Idea How To Play Properly, Then You Need These Texas Hold Em Instructions

The Texas Hold Em instructions contained in this article are so simple to understand, clear and complete, anyone who reads them will completely know how to play Hold Em properly. So read this article now if you want to learn that.

This article is going to reveal to you full Texas Hold Em Instructions on how to play the game. Read this article you’ll be well along your way to learning Hold Em.

Texas Hold Em Instructions are easy to learn and follow. First off, you need to identify the dealer on the table. Casinos hire people to do this so it may not pose a problem. Private games however rotate the dealer role from one person to the next so dealers may only be identified with a button marked ‘dealer’ or ‘d’.

Knowing who the dealer is starts the game. The player to the left of this dealer needs to post a small blind; the dealer to the left of this small blind needs to post the big blind. Blinds are named such because these are bets that player’s make prior to seeing what their cards are.

After the blinds have been posted, the dealer gives every player two face down cards. These cards are called hole, individual or pocket cards. It is these cards along with the five community cards that a player forms a winning hand.

Once the hole cards have been dealt, the first betting round begins with the player to the left of the big blind. A burn card is discarded shortly to avoid cheating and is followed by three community cards – the flop – and these are dealt face up for all players to see.

Community cards, also called shared or board cards are shared between players and may be used to form a winning hand. These cards may also be used by players as the poker hand itself – not including their hole cards.

The flops are followed by a second betting round and another burn card which leads to a fourth card being dealt to the board. This community card is called the turn. Once this is accomplished, a third and last betting round ensures which is followed by a last burn card and a final and fifth community card – the river.

Players end the game with a showdown where they compare hands and determine the winner of the game and the eventual owner of the pot.

These are all the basic Texas Hold Em Instructions you’ll need to understand and play the game. Now, continue on to learn more about Hold Em so you can become a master too.

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