How To Learn All The Texas Hold Em Rules For Beginners And Avoid Looking Like A Fish Asking Around

This article is going to explain all the Texas Hold Em Rules For Beginners. That way, no matter who you are you can learn this fun and profitable game.

Texas Hold Em is poker that has been broken down and simplified. Novices to the game will not find it hard to understand and apply the rules of Hold Em. That’s why this article is going to explain all the Texas Hold Em Rules For Beginners.

All players are given two hole or individual cards. It is important that these are dealt face down because in the event that this is not followed, you may call a misdeal where cards will be reshuffled and re-dealed again.

Upon the player’s receipt of the hole cards, pre-flop betting can begin. Players can then either open, call, bet or fold. Opening means beginning the bets while calling is to match it.

Folding is to exclude yourself from the game. Of all the betting options however, the act of folding will exclude you from the pot. You will no longer be valid to compete or play.

Once pre-flop betting is done, a burn card is discarded from the deck face down and three community cards, called flops are drawn.

Burn cards are cards that are excluded from the game. They are taken from the top of the deck before every community card is turned over and are done to prevent cheating.

Community cards on the other hand, are dealt face up and can be shared among players. This mean that the cards can be used by anyone to complete a powerful combination of five, otherwise called a poker hand.

Another round of betting follows the flops, a burn card is again taken from the deck and another community card is dealt. This fourth community card is called the turn.

Betting follows, another burn card is removed and a fifth community card is taken. This fifth and last card is called the river.

Finally, the game commences with a showdown where all the players who have not folded compare poker hands. The one with the higher ranking card wins and solely takes the pot, or in the case of a tie, the pot is split between the contenders.

These are all the Texas Hold Em Rules that Beginners will need to know to be able to play a game of Holdem. Enjoy.

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