If You Need To Learn The Texas Holdem Poker Rules And Hands Stop Now As They Are Revealed Here

Texas Holdem is a variation of traditional poker. In this article I’ll outline all the rules and hands you’ll need to know to properly play this fun game. Take a look now.

The Texas Holdem Poker Rules Explained

Texas Holdem Poker starts off with hole or individual cards that are given to every player. These cards musts be dealt face down or any mistake made by the dealer will be called a misdeal and cards must be reshuffled again.

The first round of betting or pre-flop begins shortly after hole cards are handed. After the betting round, a burn card is discarded before three community cards or the flops are drawn.

Burn cards are cards that are excluded from the game and are taken from the top of the deck. This is practiced to prevent cheating. Burn cards must also be discarded prior to dealing community cards and right after the betting rounds.

Once the flop is turned over, another round of betting begins. Another burn card is set aside and one more community card is exposed.

This fourth community card is called ‘the turn’. After this, one last round of betting ensues, a final burn card is discarded and the final community card called ‘the river’ is dealt.

When this is done, the game ends with a showdown where they compare the hand they have with all the other players. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.

All The Texas Holdem Poker Hands Revealed

Holdem Poker can be played with a number of hands. The list below contains hands that are ranked from the best winnable combination to the combination that might cause players to fold.

Straight Flush – these are five cards of the same suit and of a specific order. Players with higher straight flushes always win over those who have lesser hands. The strongest variation of this is the Royal Flush which are five cards in succession and of the same suit. Nothing can beat this combination.

Four Of A Kind – this is a combination of four cards of the same rank plus an unrelated card called the kicker. Card rankings determine the winner in case of a tie; community games may use the kicker if the four card combination is the same.

Full House – refers to cards in sets of three and two that are of the same ranking. Ties will still be determined by the card ranking.

Flush – is composed of five cards in the same suit but not necessarily in a sequence. In the event of a tie, the higher ranking card combination wins. For unique cases where the cards between players are alike, the pot is split between both contenders.

Straight – this is almost like a flush but differs because the cards need not be in the same suit. Aces may be placed at either the top or bottom of the arrangement but it must be noted that only this card can be used in this manner.

Three of A Kind – is comprised of three cards that are of the same rank with two unrelated cards on the side. Ties are determined once again by the higher ranking card. In community games where there is a possibility of two players holding the same hand, the tie can be broken by the side cards.

Two Pair and One Pair – these are combinations that have either two pairs or one pair of cards respectively. Two pairs will have one side card while a one pair will understandably have three. Winners may be chosen from side card comparison in case the paired cards are the same.

High Cards – these are cards that cannot be classified into the ranking as listed above. Higher ranking cards may break the tie, if there is one in existence within the game.

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