If You Don’t Know How To Play Hold Em You Need TheseTexas Hold Em Poker Instructions

Today I’m going to give you specific and clear Texas Hold Em Poker Instructions on how to play the game properly and effectively. Check this article out now.

Texas Holdem Poker is one popular variation of the regular poker. It’s steady rise to popularity is due to media exposure – movies and television and the ease by which beginners learn the rules.

Texas Hold Em Poker Instructions From Start To Finish

Hold Em starts when the two players from the dealer’s left ‘post blinds’. Blinds are bets and are called such because they are made even before players have had a chance to see what cards they hold.

The player to the dealer’s immediate left posts the small blind – which is half the big blind. The player to the left of the one who posted the small blind takes care of the big blind which is equivalent to the minimum betting amount.

After the blinds are posted, the dealer gives all players two cards which are faced down. These are called the hole, pocket or individual cards. These cards may be used as part of the poker hand at showdown or may be discarded in favor or an all-community card winning hand.

The objective of Hold Em is to form a five card combination that may consist of hole cards and community cards. When this happens, it may mean that the hole cards are unnecessary and may be discarded during showdown.

Once the hole cards are distributed, the first round of betting occurs starting with the player seated to the big blind’s left.

Players have the option to raise, call or fold. Raising means to increase the betting amount; call means, meeting the raise or the increased amount and folding means leaving or quitting the game altogether.

After the first betting round, a burn card is taken from the top of the deck and discarded to prevent cheating. Then, the first three of five community cards are dealt.

These cards are called the flop and must be dealt face up and placed at the table for all players to see. Community cards, also called shared or board cards are cards that may be used by all players on their poker hand.

The flop is then followed by a second round of betting which leads to a second burn card being discarded and a fourth community card being drawn. This fourth community card is called the turn.

After the turn, the process simply repeats itself – a third round of betting ensues, a third burn card is discarded and a fifth and final community card is drawn. This card pretty much signals the end of the game since it is shortly followed by the showdown.

The showdown is where players compare hands and determine the winner of the game and the claimant of the pot.

Today you’ve ready very specific and clear Texas Hold Em Poker Instructions on how Texas Hold Em is player. Now, continue on to learn more about this fantastic game.

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