The Real Texas Holdem Rules And Hands In Order – Don’t Risk Learning From A Dodgy Source

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All The Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Poker is pretty simple, even for a beginner. This game starts when players are dealt their hole cards. This is followed by the first round of betting where players can choose to open, call or fold.

To open is to begin the betting round; to call is to make the same bet as another player’s while to fold means to leave the game. Players fold usually when they have a bad hand and they know they have no possibility of winning.

The first betting round or the pre-flop betting then leads to discarding a burn card. Burn cards are discarded to prevent cheating. Then the flops or the first three community cards are drawn.

When this is done, a second another round of betting round begins and is followed by taking another burn card. This burn card takes us to ‘the turn’, another name for the fourth community card.

The turn is followed by one last betting round, one last burn card and finally, one last community card called ‘the river.

The game ends in a showdown where players compare hands or card combinations to determine the winner.

All The Texas Holdem Hands

Hold Em has 9 playable hands. The list below arranges them in descending order from the strongest.

  1. Straight Flush – card combination in a series and the same suit. The unbeatable version would be the Royal Flush, which has an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.
  2. Four of a Kind – a four card combination in the same rank with a fifth card called kicker.
  3. Full House – contains one group of three in the same rank plus a pair which is also of the same rank.
  4. Flush – cards in the same suit but not in a sequence
  5. Straight – cards arranged in sequence but not in the same suit. Aces can be played either high or low but are the only ones that can function the same way.
  6. Three of A Kind – a combination of three cards of the same rank with two unrelated side cards.
  7. Two Pair – two sets of pairs of the same ranking plus one unrelated side card.
  8. One Pair – one pair of cards with the same ranking and three unrelated side cards.
  9. High Card – cards that are playable but do not fall into any of the categories above.

Tie breakers are always decided by card ranking. In the event that rankings are the same, kickers or side cards can be determinants of the game’s winners.

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