The Rules Of Texas Holdem Poker And How To Win Easily

Texas Hold Em Poker, or Hold Em for short, is one of the most popular and favorite games in the world today. It’s important to be clear on the rules and how to win easily so read this article now.

Until about a decade ago it was hard to find a game of Texas Hold Em but today you can find it in any casino, you can participate in any type of tournament or if you prefer to play online at any time of the day.

Very often, the Texas Hold Em Poker Rules are described as simple and easy, but the truth is that behind them lies an extremely complex and logical game.

As each type of poker being played, Texas Hold Em needs at least two people and a maximum of 10 to play it. It depends on where you will play.

The most preferred number of players in the casinos is 8, as this is best so you can play a fast, dynamic and interesting game. Playing with 10 men predisposes to excessive protection and slow play, which is not good for the bets.

The player who has the highest card is called the Dealer and he gets the so-called “dealer button”. This shows that conditions he dealt the cards.

Next to him there are two players known as the small and the big blind. These are players who have to bet before the cards are dealt. The small blind bets half of the minimum bet and the big blind must bet the whole minimum bet.

According to the Texas Hold Em Poker Rules each subsequent player can break the game throwing his cards when it came his turn. But to stay in the game for further stages, he must pay the minimum bet or raise the stakes. This is a very key moment in the game, because that way he can force the next player to pay a higher amount.

Well, now we reach to the main component of the Texas Hold Em, which is the force of the arms. To be able to win, you must know when and what you hold in your hands.

Royal Flush – this is the best hand in the Texas Hold Em. If you have this hand you will surely win the hand. And if you fail to pre-raise bets will win a large sum of money.

Straight Flush – these are five consecutive cards of the same suit. Here the probability to win the deal is almost 100%.

Four cards of the same – here it is important to say that if on the table does not have 3 cards of same suit or the same two cards higher than yours – you surely win, no matter what your opponent holds.

Full House – this is a combination of three identical cards, supplemented by two other identical cards of another suit. This is a very strong hand especially if you include your full same highest card on the table.

Flush – in practice it is five cards of the same suit which are not consistent. If in a distribution happened that a few players have a flush, it wins the player with the highest card included in the flush.

Straight – it is a combination of five cards that are not of the same suit. It is important to know that Ace can be used both the highest and the lesser card.

Three of a kind – the name itself shows what a combination it is.

Two pairs – that represents a combination of two cards of the same supplemented by two identical cards and one other of them.

Pair – Or two identical cards. So far so good! Remember that in the Texas Hold Em strong hands like Royal Flush consists of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. Very often the new players understand this wrong and think that four consecutive are also very strong hand, but there are not.

According to the Texas Hold Em Poker Rules, four consecutive are anything and five consecutive are very strong hand. Sometimes in poker, players fail to make any of the above combinations. In this case, winning player will be the one with the highest card.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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