How To Know All The Texas Holdem Rules Of Play Without Having To Look Stupid And Ask Your Friends

How To Know All The Texas Holdem Rules - Poker handsThere is no doubt that Holdem is an easy game to learn. The rules are simple and few. Read on to find the basic Texas Holdem rules of play.

Texas Holdem starts with the dealer handing all the players their hole cards. Hole cards, also called individual or pocket cards consist of two cards that may or may not be used to complete a poker hand.

Poker hands are any five card combination that players make to win a holdem game. What hand a player has is vitally important to the players game.

After every player receives their hole cards, the first round of betting starts. This round may also be called the pre-flop betting. This is the first and arguably the most important betting round.

Players may then opt to open, raise, call or fold. To open a bet simply means to start it; to raise is to challenge other players and raise the stakes; to call is to meet or accept another player’s challenge and raise the bet as well finally, to fold means to leave the game entirely or to discontinue playing.

Of all these options, folding is the only one where a player forfeits his potential claim to the pot. However, a simple fold can sometimes be the most powerful play a player can make.

Once the pre-flop betting is done. A burn card is taken from the deck. This is practiced so that cheating can be avoided. The born cord is placed face down in the discard pile so no one can see the value of it.

After the burn cards, three community cards are dealt and placed on the table face up. These cards are called the flop. Community cards, also called shared or board cards, are cards that all players may use during the game.

The second round of betting follows shortly after the flop. Another burn card is then discarded and then a fourth community card, called the turn, is drawn. The turn is the part of the game where the front runner from the flop can change.

The turn is followed by a third and last round of betting, another burn card and the drawing of the fifth and last community card. This card is called the river.

Holdem ends in a showdown where players compare their poker hands and identify who wins the game and takes the pot. The Texas Holdem Rules dictate the standard poker hand rankings are used.

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