The 5 Most Incredible Short Handed Texas Holdem Tips Of All Time

Don’t miss out on these tell all short handed Texas Holdem tips revealing the most incredible ways to fast, easy success at any short table, ever.

Playing short handed Texas Holdem can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Personally short tables are my favorite. I grew up playing short tables in danky back rooms and on rickety kitchen tables, so there’s a bit of a sentimental feeling about it I guess.

Or maybe it’s just because they’re action packed, extremely lucrative and hellishly fun… yeah… maybe…

Short Handed Tip #1

The first and most fun tip is to loosen up and start playing a lot weaker hole cards. You are forced to because if you don’t the blinds will eat into you like a fat kid on a cupcake.

Start playing more hands, start seeing more flops, get in more pots and see what you can pull off. Of course play the premium cards as well but also start giving others cards a go.

Texas Holdem Tip #2

The next tip I can give you is to stop looking at the cards and start looking at the players. This goes for any table but is especially important on short tables.

Hands on short tables can be won or lost based on pure guts (or lack of) and psychological pressure. Half the time you don’t need squat to win, you just have to convince your opponent you actually do.

Short Handed Tip #3

On short tables middle pairs (and sometimes smaller, but not really) have much more ‘intrinsic’ strength because they are more likely to win just by themselves. On a full table pocket 9′s or 10′s isn’t actually that strong by itself but on a short table this is a strong leg to be standing on.

Texas Holdem Tip #4

Remember that just like any Holdem game if you have two unpaired hole cards you’ll hit a pair on the flop one out of three times. This is still also true for your opponent.

Translated: half the time no one even has a pair.

Time to look strong and pretend you actually have something.

Short Handed Tip #5

The last thing you’ll need to remember is that you stack is going to fluctuate like a Richter scale on the ring of fire. It’s going to be up, down, through the roof, through the floor and back to normal quicker than you can say ‘I’m just going to get a beer’.

The point is, be ready for it. If you freak out when you stack goes down you are going to do yourself more damage than good. Plus because most of the short game has to do with psychology and presenting strong when you get scared about losing money you end up losing a whole lot more.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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