Short Handed Texas Hold Em – 3 Tips How To Play Shorthand Properly

Short Handed Texas Hold Em - Stack SizesYou can play short handed Texas Hold Em properly, or incorrectly, you choose. These tips will help you do it the right way. Read this article now to learn them.

It doesn’t matter if you have previously lost a lot of money playing short handed Texas Hold Em. Maybe you tried it and lost some cash, or you have gotten to the final table in a tournament but bummed out when the table started to get short. It’s ok, because now you can learn how to play short handed properly and never make those mistakes again.

How To Play Short Handed Texas Hold Em Properly Tip #1

The first most important thing to realize about short tables is you have to play a lot looser. Recently one of my newsletter readers asked me how he can win at short tables, as he only even seems to get moderately good cards and isn’t getting anything fantastic.

Well, that’s just it, you won’t get fantastic cards. You have to loosen up quite and bit and start making the most of anything you can.

How To Play Short Handed Texas Hold Em Properly Tip #2

The second thing is to realize that short play is massively effected by stack sizes. That’s why if you can get to the final table of a tournament with a big stack you can pretty much win – it’s how the last WSOP winner on. He doubled up a few times and was at the final table with a stack 5 times bigger than number 2.

Stack sizes, betting, bullying, pressuring, targeting; it’s all ruthless play at a short handed table. If you are short-stacked you don’t have much luck. Make sure you’re making the most of your chips.

How To Play Short Handed Texas Hold Em Properly Tip #3

The third this is psychology. Cards and stack size aside, psychology and psychological tactics are more important than any other time.

You can win hands with nothing just by being brazen. You can defend yourself no matter what if you dupe your opponent with mind tricks. Failing to realize the invisible play at a short table is a recipe for disaster.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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