Short Handed Texas Holdem – How To Play SH The Right Way

Short Handed Texas Holdem - Stack sizes and chipsYou can play short handed Texas Holdem the wrong way or the right way. One will be difficult and lose you a lot of money, they other easy and make you a lot of money. You choose.

Short handed Texas Holdem can be an extremely fun game to play or an excruciatingly difficult one. The style of gameplay is extremely different to a full table and unless you have a grasp of how you are meant to be playing you’ll often just find it chaotic and difficult. Don’t end up a victim, learn how to play short handed the right way…

The first and most important thing that will change in a short handed Texas Holdem game is the fact that because there are less players you will need to start playing more and more hole cards. You’ll need to play cards you usually wouldn’t play at a full table – you’ll need to loosen up.

You need to loosen up because if you don’t you will just be a victim to the blinds that, no there are less people at the table, will be coming round fairly often.

The next thing to realize is that short table Texas Holdem hands are often won with far less strong hands than in full tables. Plus, because everyone is playing looser these tend less and less to be great top premium cards like Queens, Kings and Aces.

So now you are playing the right cards and have you head in the right space when it comes to identifying a winning hand you need to learn the most important things to winning in short handed Texas Holdem.

Besides the cards, the most important factor to winning is the psychology of the game. This is a combination of many things, such as:

  • Stack sizes and distribution of chips
  • Aggression, bets, raises and reraises
  • Who’s in the blind and who’s not
  • Number of hands played pre-flop and post-flop
  • Number of hands actually played to the showdown
  • Nervousness, trembling and other tells

The bottom line is that short handed Texas Holdem is a game that is massively effected by aggressive bets, psychological tactics, bullying, teasing, and the like.

I’d go so far as to say that half the time you don’t even need that good a hand to win a game of short handed Texas Holdem. You just need a strong will and deep pockets. It’s not unusual for your stack to fluctuate quite a lot a short table – and the players that freak out when it drops are the ones that crumble.

I’m sure you aware of how interesting and fun a game of short handed Texas Holdem can be, and also how complex and detailed it is under the cover. In order to become really good at short Holdem you are going to have to continue to learn more about it now.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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