Bluffing Strategies – How To Take Unfair Advantage Of Tilting Players

One great strategy for easily bluffing and winning chips with ease is to abuse the opportunity that arises when players go on tilt. Read this article to learn how to do this.

Bluffing Strategies – Using And Abusing Tilting Players

Bad beats and suck outs can cause players to go on tilt. Also, depending on the player and situation, annoying chat and banter like loud and outlandish conversation or rude and intimidating remarks can cause some personality types to get hot under the collar and stressed out.

Players aren’t themselves when they are on tilt and well tend to play worse than normal. Some players start tending to call more and play worse/weaker hands than they usually would. Others start to think their opponents always have good hands and fold way too easily.

Noticing when a player is on tilt and understanding the impact and how that is changing their game is a powerful way to be able to take advantage of them and extract more chips than ever before.

Probably the most effective way to really ensure pain free success when bluffing is to be able to read, identify and really understand poker tells.

Bluffing Strategies – How To Read Poker Tells

There are two types of tells: voluntary and involuntary. The most important to be able to pickup are the involuntary ones however knowing and keeping a lookout for voluntary tells or tell traps (only really used by more advanced players) can help protect your backside.

Noticing tells is important because they are your signal to how your opponent is feeling; how they feel about their cards, how they feel about the board and how they feel about the bet you just made.

By reading and understanding tells you will be able to get an indication of if your bluff is likely to succeed or not. For example, say pre-flop your opponent is looking fresh and confident, like he has got good pocket cards. Then the flop comes and his eyebrow raises, like he’s a little surprised. This could indicate that he didn’t match the flop. He is surprised his great pre-flop hand didn’t pull through. In this situation you can guess with relative certainty that a large strong bet would practically ensure him folding and you winning the pot because you are displaying that you did hit the flop.

Now, on the other hand, if you didn’t see the eye brows raise and eyes widen but instead saw a slight subtle smirk – and at the same time he lean back in his chair and opened up his chest – you could infer that he did hit the flop because he is displaying confident tells.

These are just some of the advanced tactics you can use to implement successful bluffing strategies. If this area of poker interests you then I urge you to take action and learn more.

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