Strategies For Texas Hold Em – 2 Strategies You Must Avoid At All Costs

Not all strategies for Texas Hold Em actually work. It sucks right? Don’t be tricked into using a failed strategy. Find out the ones to avoid.

No matter how experienced you are at playing Holdem poker, you, like me, always have a thing or two to learn. And the fact that you are reading this means that you are very likely to become a successful poker player. The bad thing is not all strategies for Texas Hold Em are actually successful. So you need to avoid the bad ones like the plague.

As you read these strategies you will start to become more aware of some of the small mistakes you are already making in your game. And that’s great because when you realize the things you’re doing wrong you can start to fix them up and can immediately become a better poker player.

The Worst Strategies For Texas Hold Em: Overtly Passive Play

Passive play is poker death. If you have strategies for Texas Hold Em that involve passive play throw them in the trash, burn them, or bury them. They will take you down.

I personally don’t believe ANY passive play is justified. Although many people think a small amount can be effective in the right situations. I agree with them out of respect, but also believe many players don’t actually know when they should or shouldn’t be passive, and most do it incorrectly.

But I definitely know that if you are checking or calling too often you are going down. Especially if you have a half decent hand and you are checking or calling. Why would anyone be doing this? I don’t know. But some think they are super-smart to perform a check-raise.

Just be careful…

The Next Worst Strategies For Texas Hold Em: Playing From The Blinds

Playing from the blinds has got to be almost as bad. Playing passive is kind of like smoking cigarettes everyday – it will cost you a lot of money and slowly kill you. Playing from the blinds I guess would be like taking a gun and shooting yourself in the face. You can imagine that right – a pretty quick death.

Unless you are sitting on pocket aces I would avoid playing from the blinds. Sure, some players do it, there are strategies for playing out of position with marginal hands (and on a short stack?) but I just prefer to completely avoid that kind of stuff.

When I play poker I want to be very confident I’m going to win. And I’m willing to be patient and wait a little bit for it.

It’s alright if you have fell into the trap of doing one of these strategies for Texas Hold Em. You probably read it somewhere, or someone told you to do it, so it’s fine – it’s not your fault. Now that you are reading this you are starting to realize that these aren’t the ways to success in poker and you need a really reliable strategy that you can count on.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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