Strategies For Texas Hold Em – 9 Proven To Work Strategies Revealed

Strategies For Texas Hold Em - Check RaiseNeed to know some viable strategies for Texas Hold Em. It can be hard to find them, but I’ve done all the work for you. Check these out now.

1 – TAG

TAG means tight aggressive. TAG strategies in Texas Hold Em are good for almost any player. It involves being quite selective of the hands you play and being very aggressive when you do play them. There are many benefits to this strategy including safety, strength and high return on investment.

2 – LAG

LAG means loose aggressive. LAG strategies are extremely strong for seasoned Texas Hold Em poker players. You need to be keenly aware of all the other players, reputation/image, position, and more. This strategy boasts the highest returns and profits if done correctly however can often suck a new players bankroll dry.

3 – PAG

PAs means passive aggressive. This is a fairly good strategy if you know how to do it correctly. It involves suckering players in with passive play and creaming them with aggression. You’ll need to be aware of other players to know when to use it correctly.

4 – TAG into LAG

My favorite. Start of with a very tight game and progressively get looser and looser as time goes on. Has the benefits of both and the drawbacks of both whilst doing that specific one.

5 – Check Raise

Similar to PAG but only used when required (not as a constant) to etch out some extra cash here and there. Often works well of the back of any TAG strategies for Texas Hold Em.

6 – All-inning

This strategy is over-using, or abusing, all-ins to crush opponents. A very powerful strategy that you can use to win a lot of money. The only problem is that the one time it doesn’t work, well, it’s all over.

7 – Bullying

Kind of like LAG but being super-aggressive. Almost in between LAG and All-ining. This strategy involves betting so much that the pot odds for your opponents are so bad no one wants to play. Will work most of the time except that one, where you lose most of you stack (but not all!)

8 – Marginal Hands In Position

The perfect strategy to slip in on a TAG. You’ll probably be doing this anyway if you are using any of the LAG strategies for Texas Hold Em. This involves utilizing position to eek out marginal hands for what they are worth. You can limit/decrease your losses whilst maximizing your profits. Try it.

9 – Blind Attacks

Blinds attacks are more important in tournaments than cash games. They involve targeting players in the blinds to steal their chips. Works better on weaker opponents – those that are less likely to defend themselves.

These 9 strategies for Texas Hold Em can be used on their own or in combination. And now that you have learn them I’m sure you are already becoming more aware of how you can use these to profit, and how powerful they really are.

To Your Luck And Skill,

Alex Bannon

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